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Monday, September 15, 2014

Book at Printer!

Monday morning and still very chilly here - down to mid 40s again last night. High yesterday just barely 60. Had to bring in one of the little heaters from the garage to warm up the den enough to sit there and watch the race. Left it on all night so that room is at least warm. The heater repair man just called - he is running late but will be here sometime this morning. Sure hope so - and hope he can get it fixed. This is the second repairman we've called. First just shook his head and left! Country living at its finest.
Bill has been wearing fleece sweats, t-shirt with sweat shirt over it and a beanie on his head trying to keep warm. And his hands are still freezing to the touch. And I thought with the cooler weather and lower humidity he’d feel better - but not so much.
The sun is shining today with no wind, but still cold out with rain expected later today.
Signs of fall are here - the leaves are falling and a lot of them are already turning color - I wonder if the colors will be earlier this year?
The new wood paito outside the basement doors is finished except to be stained. Looks really nice.
The book is at the printers!!!! - Whoopy - now time to work on the ebook versions - but taking a little break before doing that. Dreaming about it a night - means time to leave it alone for a while.
Took Saturday off too - watched two soccer games and two NASCAR races. All with good results.
Bill has a date with the cardiologist this Thursday and I should be able to pick up my new glasses around then too. I HATE going to a doctor of any type for anything. According to the eye doctor I've got cataracts and the beginning of macular degeneration. Wants me to see a surgeon. Well - maybe - when it starts to bother me. As of now I can see fine. So will pick up the new glasses and see how long they will last me. (The old ones were from 12 years ago.) This getting old crap is for the birds - but better than the alternative I guess. 
We’ve made arrangements already to have a house sitter this winter. So that’s good. Now we just have to figure out when we’ll leave and where we’ll go. 

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