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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good day - busy day - good food and friends.

Sunday morning early - woke up way before it gets light and went to bed well after midnight. And have to stay up until 2 a.m. to watch the news from Los Angeles to see a snipit of our son. Supposed to be on the 11 o'clock KNBC news. Might need a nap in there sometime.
A sports and busy day yesterday. Had to go into town to get a couple things for dinner and deliver a couple of books that friends had bought. Then got home in time to watch two soccer games. Barcelona played really good yesterday. Had their A team out. And Bill felt so terrible (out of breath) after getting home - he went to bed and missed it. Later on watched the Nationwide NASCAR race in Dover and Kyle won! Then we had company for dinner - Bill cooked dinner I made a pineapple upside down cake. One of my favorites. And after the company left I stayed up to watch the truck race from Las Vegas and Kyle’s two trucks finished 1st and 2nd. So he had a good day yesterday. Hope it carries over into today’s Cup race - he starts 2nd.
While we were eating dinner we had the doors to the screen porch open listening to all the nice nature sounds when all of a sudden gun shots rang out. Kept up for about 1/2 hour. Small gun, big booming guns and automatic guns. Guess someone was having fun. Sure sounded close though - but didn't hear any thumps or pings on the house. Or sirens. Joys of country living.
More beautiful weather on the way for at least next five or six days - then rain and a real drop in temperatures. The weather, even with the drop in humidity, still isn't agreeing with Bill though. The news says it takes the first frost to bring down the pollen counts.  Sure hope when we get out west he feels better.
Would you believe we don’t have the meds yet! We can’t pick them up until the 6th - then we have to arrange for another vacation override. The override that was “all taken care of” didn’t go through so we’ve been back on the phone with the prescription company a couple of times. So hopefully we’ll be able to get everything the 6th. Bill says we’re leaving the 7th.......with or without.
Had a kind of funny senior moment the other day. I was trying to take some pictures of the fall colors and my camera gave me a message “memory lock tab is on.” Huh?? Just used the camera the day before and all was well. So started pushing buttons and going through the menu - couldn’t find any memory lock info. We were in the car and I was muttering about my problem and complaining about not being able to find what they meant. Bill calmly asked, “Does that camera have a memory card?” “Well of course it does.” “Have you checked it?” Dah! Sure enough pulled the memory card out and the tiny tab was in the lock position. Moved it back and all was fine. Felt like a dummy. Bill grinned like a Cheshire cat.
And after we got home he decided he would start blogging too. Not sure how often he is going to post - he says when he sees or thinks about something interesting that he feels should be shared. His blog is Driving the USA and Mexico  He even joined Twitter! Which is kind of funny cause neither one of us knows what to do with Twitter.
Checking out someone else’s blog I came across a couple of interesting sites:
http://www.roadnow.com/  where you'll find the most complete travel information about local roads and interstate highways, including traffic conditions, weather, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and motels, rest areas, exits, local points of interest along highways and much more...
I think I’ll add them to my laptop so I have them when traveling. I used to have a factory tour book but it is so old most of the places are closed now.

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