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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No lookey-loos

An yet another month has gone by...only 119 days left in the year.
Hello from HUMID Brown County! - Had a good loud thunderstorm yesterday morning - a couple of inches of rain - glad we live on a hill. Today will be dry but then rain again for Friday and Saturday. Sunday the realtor is supposed to have an open house and it isn’t supposed to rain - I hope.
Not even any “lookey-loos” for the house. Pretty much figure we’ll try again in the spring - maybe lower the price then. Of course if Bill doesn’t fell any lessening of the allergy problem in the southwest there will be no reason to move.  We’ll see - no sense worrying about it yet.
Been working on the quilt. Got the backing fitted to it. And have done one quilting line. Might work on it a little today. If it stays cool enough down stairs - it gets hot sewing with the whole quilt draped around me. 
Also got the software program for the book - took two tries before my credit cards would let me purchase a software program from the UK. I’m glad they check but sometimes it is frustrating. It is quite a program - just have to figure it out - Serif Page Plus x8...Our friend here in town who has published a couple of books is helping me with it. So maybe by this time next week it will be off to the printer. And in the stores as an ebook.

Paul and Tina continue to become more well known - here’s a link to their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ptsignalong?ref=br_tf
Wow - I just went to their facebook page and found out they've been in the Los Angeles Daily News - a nice article about them. 
So I am a bragging mom - can't help it.

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  1. Not a bragging Mom - just very proud. The videos are great!