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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cooking and fall colors.

Another nice day today. Yesterday I mentioned the Milanese Bill cooked. Here is the platter before I portioned them out into meals and sealed them with our Food Saver - one of the best things we’ve ever bought.
Went into Columbus this a.m. for breakfast, of course, and to go to eye doctor to get glasses fixed - yep it was their fault. Measured my pupils wrong??? So they should be ready in a couple days. Hope they will be okay.
Also drove through town to go to Office Max. I’ve been trying to get a picture of this tree for weeks. Finally no traffic so Bill could slow down. I guess the tree died so all the limbs were cut off - then some one built or carved tiny boxes on the limbs. Kind of intriguing. And lots of work.
Columbus is a pretty town - has some nice old buildings and interesting architecture. One of the buildings.
Tried to get some pictures of the fall foliage but this is the best one I could get. By next week it should be pretty.
Today we’re waiting for the gutter guy to come and clean the gutters. He was supposed to be here last month...this month, last month, all the same when living in the country.

We are getting closer and closer to heading back on the road. Just have to figure out which way we will go - south, west or north. Eventually all roads lead southwest.