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Monday, September 22, 2014

Quilt is done too!

Weather is perfect - cool - dry - sunny! And Bill is feeling SO MUCH better. He even cooked pounds of Milanese today - most of it to be frozen and taken with us this winter.
We have even sold three of our print books - and another friend told us she wants one. And it is available in Ebook format now too. Took a while to get them up and running - available on Kindle/Amazon, Nook/Barnes and Nobel and Smashbooks. So not having to work on that all day gives me time to do other things. Laundry and cleaning - finally finished the whole house. By now first room needs dusting and vacuuming again!
And like finishing the cars quilt. It is all done and in a box ready to be sent to Arizona. Post office trip tomorrow. Here’s how it turned out. The pic is a little skewed but you get the idea.
 And the back - cars too.
Good little boys quilt - it won't show dirt!
Now to finish the stained glass angel I started. And figure out how to promote the book.
Going to take my glasses back in - don’t think they are right - the girl had problems measuring - putting the little black dots on the lenses - my eyes. She ended up with two dots on each lens and I think they used the wrong ones.

Great race yesterday. I almost stopped watching it when Kyle wrecked his car so bad. Started to watch the soccer game instead - but switched back to race and discovered he was still running! Somehow he managed to end up 8th. His car was more patches then car. Couldn't even make out the M & Ms logo. 

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