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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Now we need something to calm us down!

The joys of getting older - we are both in the process of getting enough of our meds to last until we settle back down in the spring. We need 180 day supplies of everything. [If we stayed in the states it wouldn’t be a problem but if we do go to Mexico again we will need them with us.] So Bill spent half of yesterday morning on the phone with our prescription provider. No problem! everything would be fine. Oops - except two of them only had one refill instead of two left. Why? Well they can’t be filled for twelve months - only for six months at a time. Have to talk to the doctor. But with the others if we wanted them faster we could take the prescription numbers she would give us into the local pharmacy and they would fill them as she (the lady we were talking too) had approved the vacation override.
So off we went to the doc’s office AGAIN and told the receptionist what we needed. Oh but we needed to see the doc to renew a prescription. But we’d just saw the doc two weeks ago when he renewed them but not for enough months. Well we could get one months supply without seeing him again. That won’t work we need three months supply as we wouldn’t be back for six months. Finally it was agreed she would talk to doctor who would write prescriptions and call pharmacy. Then we went to pharmacy to drop off the numbers of the prescriptions that were approved. Oops - they can’t fill them without the written prescriptions. But we talked to the lady at headquarters and she said all we had to give them were the numbers. Well that’s not right - they needed prescriptions...but she would call and get them. Come back tomorrow and hopefully they had the necessary amounts to fill them.
So we came home with nothing and will see today if we get anything without more phone calls and doc visits.
Update on prescriptions - just got home from town - with no pills. Doc hadn’t sent the ones to pharmacy and pharmacy hadn’t filled the others. We went over to doc’s office and sat and waited until they opened after their lunch hour and waited to get written ones to take back to pharmacy. So back tomorrow. The exciting ways we spend our days here.
Last weekend were the outhouse races in town - completely forgot about them so didn’t see the race but here is one of the outhouses. Waste management entry. Appropriate.
Also saw a bunch of people on one of the corners so Bill pulled over so I could snoop. Turns out they were a bunch of artists painting one of the building in town.
Or maybe they were student artists.
And still trying to get a good photo of this lovely new sculpture downtown. One of these days we'll park and get a good look at it. 
We are getting right into this country living. While eating breakfast at the little local restaurant I was kind of listening to the guys in the next booth. Learned something new - at least to me. There are “milk bulls” ??- So I listened a little harder as I couldn’t imagine milking a bull! Turned out there are different types of bulls - some for milk cows and other for meat cows. The guy said he had a meat cow but used a milk bull to impregnate her. Guess it took cause he said he was keeping the calf. See what you learn living in the country. 


  1. Finished your books today - very entertaining. How brave you were to travel that far with seven people in a 24' motorhome. Do your sons still talk about the memories?

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to write but not so fun to get published. I guess at the time it just seemed normal to be all crammed together. The boys talk about the trip now that they've grown up. But when we first came home they got in trouble in school for talking about it. The teachers called us to come in because the boys were telling whoppers about living and traveling in other countries. We soon put them straight - the boys had done all of that. But so many people didn't believe them they quit talking about it. Really a shame.