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Friday, June 13, 2014

Are we there yet?

Just a very quick note - The World Cup started yesterday and of course we watch the first game. I sure hope the referees are better for the rest of the games. Brazil was "given" one of its goals by a very bad penalty call.
Today there are two games and all kinds of NASCAR racing. That means two TVs will be going most of the day. Haven't decided yet who will be watching where. I probably will take my knitting and go down  into the basement and watch NASCAR there - even in the summer the basement feels too cold for Bill - especially now that summer isn't really here. Very damp and cool around here, we've had rain off and on for several days, supposed to end this morning and then lower humidity and by Monday up into the 90s! That I can do without. The other alternative is I watch and knit in the regular room where we regularly watch TV and Bill retires to the bedroom to watch TV there - that way I can run back and forth during commercials. Big decisions to be made.
I finally finished going through The Book and making obvious corrections - spelling, grammar etc -
Now he is rereading it - and probably making more additions and putting back in some of the expressions I took out. Doubt if it will ever be done. We also remembered an incident we both forgot to put in - so that will have to be done. And I worked on making a cover for it. The colors are off a bit but I had to take a picture from the computer screen into the camera and then back into the computer - but you can get the idea. Red, white and blue - not purple.
I've been checking out editing programs - for free! They are free if you only want to check out 200 words. And it is scary how many writing both of us make. Though some of their suggestions I don't go along with, but a lot of them I more or less agree with. 
We asked the Frito Lays representative at WalMart to order us a case of Queso potato chips - he said he would and they'd be in Wednesday - yesterday - but we haven't gone into town to see if they are there - sports on TV you know. We love them, buy them all the time in Mexico and in some stores in the southwest of the U.S. They are the Ruffles brand from Frito Lay.
Tomorrow is Father's Day and Monday our oldest son will be 56!!!!
How did I get old enough to have a son that old? Though the last couple of days I've felt that old or more. Been "kind of" under the weather. When you feel just icky enough you don't want to do anything, but not bad enough to crawl under the covers and pull the blankets up over your head.

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  1. Awww, hope you feel better soon!! Take it easy and just watch TV.