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Monday, June 2, 2014

Lazy Days - well not quite that lazy.

Lazy couple of days – can’t believe it is June already – seems like we just got home from the winter – Oh that’s right we just did!
Beautiful few days here – the humidity is not sky high and the temps are in the low 80s. Sky is blue and the birds are tweeting.   Need to go out front and replenish the corn for the squirrels.
I continue to knit – now have three of the five panels done. Maybe it will be done by graduation instead of her wedding.
Also continue to do things around the house that need deep cleaning. Like the refrig and freezer in the garage and the tile floors – they are down on the knees and scrub type floors. Hate them.
Watched a lot of NASCAR over the weekend. Kyle won the truck race Friday AND the Nationwide race Saturday and had a good car for the Cup race. But got put into the wall ¼ of the way in. So I took a nap during the rest of the race – woke up just in time to see Jimmie Johnson win –
Staying home today and going to put all the CLEAN stuff – curtains, rugs, chair covers back in the Alfa as we are thinking about taking off some time next week to go to Dayton, OH. Depends on the weather some. Bill wants to visit the air museum there again. We’ll see.All put back together except for the long throw rugs which still need to be cleaned - another day..
Also brought in the load of books we collected on the trip and re-arranged our book shelves up in the computer room. Bill made the shelves for me a couple of years ago. Love them! They fill the whole wall floor to ceiling.
Had to have the pest control guys back out – we suddenly had an invasion of carpenter ants! – They found the nest out in the back behind the house – an old rotted tree stump - and treated it. Also have to cut some branches that lead from the ground up to the garage. Their super highway! Only seen one or two inside since then. Hopefully got them before they did too much damage.
Spoke too soon  about the weather - think there is a storm blowing in. Wind has really picked up, the sky is gray and the temperatures dropped a lot.
This didn't turn out real well because the sun was coming right in the front window but you can get the idea. Part of the road we take going into our little town. 
I'm baking an apple pie and it is about time to take it out of the oven. You notice I said "baking" not making. Marie Calendar made it. Smells so good. 

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  1. Marie Callendar makes good pies - especially the berry ones. Yum.