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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lots of computer work going on here.

Today was a beautiful day – not too hot and even the humidity was down a little – one of those “enjoy it while it lasts” kind of day. Tomorrow will be warmer and more humid again.
Yesterday there was a tornado on the outskirts of Indy about 35 miles from us. Too close for comfort for me.  All we got was some heavy rain for about 15 minutes.
We’re still watching the World Cup games. Was so glad to see Mexico win and make it into the next round. The U.S. got a tie in their last game. The other team got a goal in the last 15 seconds of the game. They play again tomorrow – and unless something goes horribly wrong they should make it into the next round too.  Argentina won all three games that they’ve played.
Today the people came to put the new windshields in the Alfa. Wow what a clear view we have now. Took them about three hours and they came to the house.
Now we're just waiting for some welding to be done on the hitch connections. 
Still have to mail my baby blanket – haven’t gone anywhere for a few days. I’ve been plugging away on “the book” – hope to send it out to an agent by the end of the week. Then I’ll start trying to figure out how to format it for e-book style. Hair pulling time.
Also been working on the web pages for the art stuff. Changing prices etc. Sure would be easier if when I originally put it together I’d put things in numerical order! Worked on these little guys today. Leather pins about 2 - 3 inches high - repricing them and updating page. Fantasy Manor stuff.

This weekend – starting tomorrow are three NASCAR races, but they are all night races, usually by evening I’m ready to not do any things else but sit and veg. 

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