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Monday, June 16, 2014

Muggly weather coming!

Cold weather around here the last few days – even had the heater on to take the chill off. And in a day or two it is supposed to be up in the 90s – ugh. In fact – it is now afternoon and the AC is running – tomorrow forecast 91 and high humidity! Same for next day.
So today I’m getting a few things done – laundry and cleaning and re arranging inside the kitchen cupboards. I found stuff I haven’t seen or thought of since we moved in here 7 years ago. Probably never used it all the time we lived in Vegas either. GoodWill is going to get a bunch of stuff. A few things I'm not even sure what they are for or what they go to. The kitchen cupboards are supposed to get a facelift – new facing and cupboard doors within the next month. Not sure when so wanted to empty some of the stuff out. I’m pooped now.
I was kind of thinking about replacing my laptop – the one I use when we’re traveling – it is getting older – the right and left “click” keys don’t work anymore so I have to use a mouse – that I am forever misplacing. So we went into Best Buy to check the new ones out – found a nice Toshiba – which is what I have now – and at a good price. But –I HATE Windows 8 so asked if I could replace it with Windows 7 – No problem – but it will cost $100 for a copy of Windows 7 AND $120 to have it installed. Guess I don’t want a new laptop that bad. Why do software companies think they have to keep messing with things that work? We have a problem with W8 because it wants to do so much on-line “in the cloud” that it runs through our monthly Internet amount in days...very few days!
I have finished proofing the book – actually that will never be true. And we’ve given it to a friend to read. I’m interested in her reaction. After checking a couple of “Free” editing sites on line I realize how much more there is to correct – and by the way the free sites are not free – none of them. They are just free for a trial edit of 500 words or so. That isn’t much help. Now I’m learning the difference between a forward and a preface…I have a whole new respect for writers!
Been watching lots of World Cup games on TV and of course the racing I like to watch. And cooking – cooked Bill a roast with potatoes, onions and carrots and an orange cake for Father’s Day. Watched NASCAR - Kyle's rear hub broke early in the race so he was pretty much done for the day. They got it fixed and he got back out on the track but was 30 laps down. Not a good weekend for him. Also watched Argentina's World Cup game. Better than the race. 
Doing necessary cleaning and knitting only a little bit left to finish. I’ve even cut my fringe already and have four of the panels sewn together.
Think I’ll just sit down the rest of the day – well after I get the last load of laundry out, folded and put away. Want to watch the USA World Cup game later.

Just looked out the window and all the squirrel corn is gone – but they’re going to have to wait until I feel like going out there and replacing it. Now that I’m sitting down doing this my get up and go – got up and went!

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  1. What energy you have!! It is wonderful.