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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Work, work, work -

The weather continues to be warm – high 80s – and MUGGLY – believe it or not you can actually see the moisture in the air. And definitely feel it.
We’ve had spurts of rain and far off thunder almost every day with more to come.
As always watching the soccer games. The USA managed to advance into the next step – but will have to win on Tuesday or they go home. Also watching Argentina and Leo Messi play. Hopefully they’ll advance to the finals. But you never know.
We’ve been into town a couple of time. As we’ve gone through our little town I noticed they must be painting the new leaf sculpture as it is covered in a big tarp with lots of exhaust fans. Can’t wait to see it finished.
We’ve started to get visits from
The turkeys are coming around again, seen them out back almost every afternoon. But they move to fast to get a picture of. And I have a feeling we have another raccoon or possum as my hummingbird feeder has been knocked of the porch and is downstairs in the weeds. Need to put on shoes and go get it – sometime.
Watched the NASCAR races the last three nights. Kyle won the truck race Thursday, but might get a fine because after the race the front end of his truck was too low. If it passed inspection before the race why wouldn’t it after??? Then on Friday in the last laps of the Nationwide race he was leading and a caution came out. No reason for it! No debris and no one was wrecking….He ended up finishing 3rd. Last night he was 2nd in the Cup race. Not a bad weekend.
Bill is watching soccer right now – these are the “if you lose you are gone” games. I’ve watched so many games I’ve started to dream about them…
We have finally finished…the book…well kind of – I hope – if we’re going to e-publish it all the formatting has to be changed. If we’re going to try to get it published in hard back it needs to be sent to an agent/publishing company. So that is Monday’s chore. We also have a friend of ours who has published a couple e-books proof reading it for us. She also knows how to go about getting it on Barnes and Nobel and Amazon as an e-book and will help us with that.
This morning I finally finished with the web pages – changing prices, checking all the links and pictures etc. I think everything works now. If I EVER build another web page I sure know what NOT to do.
We picked up the welded parts for the Alfa’s hitch so if we want to go somewhere we’re ready to leave.
Also became great-grandparents for the fifth time a couple of days ago. Now have 2 boys and 3 girls. Time to get started on the new baby boy’s quilt. Thinking about making it with embroidered cars and using flannel. No knitting for a while – though I miss it when I’m sitting and watching TV.
My next chore is going to be paint the downstairs furnace room – again I’ll have to take the paint back to the store to get it shaken – at least it is cool down stairs – don’t know when I’ll ever get the upstairs bathroom trim done – just too hot. Neither chore will take more than a day to finish – just get really lazy with the heat.

Bill just called to me – Mexico is doing really good today in their game so I’m going down to watch it.
No pictures of anything today! 

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