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Monday, June 23, 2014

Leaves, chickens, quilts and "was and were"

About my new header. Taken on the road up to our home. The pile of debris on the right was also a barn. It was there when we left in the fall but didn't make it through the winter. 
Good afternoon – just got back from running errands in town. Sooo hot out and sooo humid out – you can see the moisture in the air. Rest of day will be spent inside in AC.
I have been trying to get a decent picture of the new sculpture downtown but never seem to be at the right angle. It is metal, 21 feet high and represents fallen leaves being caught in the wind and rising into the air. It will eventually be painted in autumn colors. In fact today we noticed that it has been primed. It was built entirely by Veterans.
Brown County is known for its beautiful autumn colors. 
Had the whole back end and back seat of Willie filled with “stuff” for GoodWill. Lots from the kitchen cleaning, sorting out of double stuff from the RVs and clothes we haven’t worn since quitting work. Why on earth did we ship them from Las Angeles to Las Vegas and then here!
Also took three big bags of book to the Library. And there are more books to clean out and lots of closets left too. I feel like a hoarder. [is that spelled right?]
Lovely the power went out again this morning – twice! At least I hadn’t reset the clocks yet. But sure not good on the electrical gadgets.
Still waiting on hearing from the windshield for Alfa people. Guess they have to order it.
We had more company in the yard yesterday afternoon. The neighbors chickens have discovered the corn the squirrels drop on the ground. The pretty rooster discovered it first and now he brings his harem with him.
Yesterday – in the heat no less – I baked a pineapple upside down cake – my favorite and cooked spareribs. So today no cooking. Then watched the soccer games and part of the NASCAR race. Cannot believe the U.S. soccer team lost in THE LAST 15 SECONDS. What a heartbreaker. But they still have a chance to make it through to the next round.
And guess what. I finally finished my afghan – baby blanket – gift. 
Started it in March when Bill was in the hospital in Mazatlan. And Ivory Rose [ I love that name] one of our great granddaughters is only two months old now.  Now to find a box and pack and ship it. Next project will be a sewn quilt for the great grandson on the way.

Need to go back downstairs where it is cooler – might go way downstairs to basement and do some mending…it is really cool down there. 
Still plugging away on the book when it is cool enough to be up here in the computer room. I thought it was pretty much done until I ran it through an editing program - used the free part that only edited 500 words - and discovered that I'd used was and were about 50 times in 500 words. EEEKKKK Hard not to when you are writing ab out things that happened many years ago. But getting some of it fixed. 


  1. Afghan looks lovely! No humidity up this way yet.

  2. Yes, you spelled 'hoarder' correctly (but not Los Angeles!) heh...