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Thursday, June 19, 2014

What happened to Spain?

WHAT Happened to Spain’s soccer team? Everyone thought they would be in the final game playing for the World Cut – and they are OUT in the second game they played – or didn’t play. What an upset.
More heat and humidity here – going to have three or four more days of it.  If we want to get anything done it has to be first thing in the morning. By soccer game time – 12:00 it is time to sit down and be still. Sounds like a good excuse to me.
I guess I inspired Bill when I cleaned the kitchen cupboards. He’s out in the garage – making all kinds of noises as he moves things around and fills a trash barrel – today is trash pick up day…
I got my knitting fixed and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It should be done by the weekend! Been working on it since March.
Yesterday the Alfa got a lot of little problems fixed. All the electrical plugs are working again. And the inverter is fixed. So now he is like brand new – time to go somewhere.
About 10 minutes before the last soccer game ended yesterday our power went off! It wasn’t that good of a game anyway – but the AC and fans went off too. It always makes me wonder is it just us or is it the area. Went off about 10 to 8. It stays light here now till about 9:30. Anyway – nothing else to do so we went out and sat on the front porch and watched the wildlife go by. There were five of these guys munching away but by the time I thought to go get the camera only he was left.
Then across the street we saw this little guy – there were two of them but the other one was shy and stayed hidden in the bushes.  The pic is fuzzy ‘cause he was so far away and I can’t hold the camera still when it is on full zoom.
And then she strolled by – again across the street.
Just like living in "Bambi"
By then it was 8:30 so I thought I’d call the power company to see what was going on. We get our power bill over the internet so I don’t have any paperwork with the account # or their phone number on it. (Next time I get a bill I’m going to print out a copy) So I pulled the phone book and a flashlight – note to self – get better flashlight! Finally found a number for the company. Called it – actually after pushing several buttons I got a real person. Told them our problem – power is out. According to the gentleman there had been no reports of any power outages in the area. Oh Oh! Where was I calling from? I told him. Oh that was the problem – he was in a different area – a long ways away. Lovely – that was the only phone number in the book. Okay he would try to help me get the right phone number. Was I in Jackson? No Was I in Bloomfield? No
Well where are you?  Brown CountyBrown County?  Yes. Hummmm? What town? Nashville. I don’t have that listed, are you sure? Of course I’m sure. Okay he had three other REMC (the power company) areas listed – see if I recognized any. He read them off – Oh yes that’s the one. He gave me their number. [ I was calling on our land line because wouldn’t you know it – the cell phone was discharged,. So I’m in the kitchen trying to write down the number and dial the phone in the dark.
Got it dialed - #1 for power outage. Okay. Put in your phone number. Okay ********** - that number isn’t recognized as one of our customers. Hum? Maybe I dialed wrong. ********** the number you entered isn’t recognized. WHAT??? Hung up and redialed and pushed lots of buttons finally reaching one that worked. Got a recorded message “There is a power outage in your area – 62 residents were affected.”  Well at least it wasn’t just us.
I went back out front to sit in the rocker and enjoy the rest of the evening. Power finally came back on about 9:20. Gotta love Brown County – someone sneezes in the forest and a tree falls down.

And I noticed in our towns on line page that half the county is under a boil water notice – not us though. If boiled it was fine to drink – but don’t wash clothes in it. 

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  1. Your home is in a beautiful area - we enjoy watching the animals.