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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blue sky and puffy white clouds.

We’ve managed to keep busy the last few days. And the weather has been outstanding! Mid to high 70s - very little humidity. A pleasure to be out and about. So far this summer we have not had an “official” day of 90 or over - BUT with the humidity some days have felt well over 90. Today it should barely reach 80 and night before last it was down to low 50s at night!!! Love it. Had a real short sprinkle yesterday - probably about 100 rain drops. Just enough to dirty the windshields.
On Monday we took a ride through the beautiful countryside to a Menards (home improvement store) about 45 miles away to get some carpet runner - the only store that had enough. Went through some really pretty countryside. Lots of tall, tall corn and really healthy looking beans. And some wonderous big homes. Some new and some pretty old. This is a pretty state.
Here’s the carpet runner. Bill installed it up the stairs and throughout the upstairs hallway. The wall to wall stuff was getting a little worn looking. The picture was taken before he put the decorative rods that anchor the carpet to the stairs. Also put a long piece of it on the tile hallway downstairs.
He did a lot of work that day. Thank God for the new inhaler. Now if his eyes would just stop running.
He also built another book case for the Alfa. The picture doesn’t do it justice - It is made of Maple burl wood.
We are both getting itchy feet to get on the road. Especially when the weather is like this. Blue sky with puffy white clouds just call to you to travel.
But it’s too early to leave for winter and if we take a short trip it will throw our winter escape off. Also with the house for sale we want to be here - just in case. Speaking of the house the kitchen is done. Still want to get carpenter to touch up a couple of things. But it looks nice.
As for me I’ve been cleaning rooms. Not very many - but getting there. And been working on the quilt. Every time I work on it I change my mind on how it will eventually look. Now I’m putting the borders on it. So the front is almost done.
Bought a couple of new bed pillows and when I threw the old ones away I noticed they still had their “Do Not Remove” tags on them. Funny how they never seem to get removed. Didn’t remove the ones on the new ones either. They wouldn’t just tear off and I was too lazy to go and get scissors to cut them off.
Been watching the news off and on - seems like now news is of the STORY of the DAY type. ISIS, then Tony Stewart until Robin Williams and now St Louis. What’s happing in the rest of the world? The plane that went down, the people in the Ukraine, Ebola? I guess the most sensational news gets the coverage until something else happens.

Going into town yesterday we passed the horse farm down the street from us. Mist raising from one of their ponds. Thought it was pretty. 
Well almost time for truck qualifying - then two races today. So should get some work done on the quilt while watching TV.


  1. Carpet runner on the stairs looks very nice. I like the colors
    We also have an Alfa and I am trying to figure out where you
    have the book case located. Can you give us a wider picture.


  2. it is on the big slide right behind the drivers seat. we took out the couch and put in a fireplace