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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nice picture of new great grandson

Just a quick update. The kitchen is done, just a few finishing touches need to be made.
Been raining off and on for a couple days. Temps are staying cool for another week at least. But very, very humid out and inside. Everything feels dampish. 
We had company for dinner last night and I fixed paella for dinner. Turned out pretty good. Instead of buying Saffron from WalMart at $17.56 for a teeny tiny bit I used the saffron we bought in Mexico. Worked good but had to use about double the amount. But even using double it was still a lot cheaper. And we have enough leftovers for tonight's dinner. 
Watched the race today - #18 finished 40th - terrible beginning of race for him. One thing after another went wrong. Pretty good race otherwise though. Especially the last few laps. Good racing and good winner.
Also wanted to share this picture because I think it is so neat. Our granddaughter, her husband and new baby boy (the one I'm making the quilt for.)
That's it for tonight.