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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Too hot to handle!

Weather is still very hot (heat index high 90s) and sticky. New dehumidifier is working full time. It is in the basement in the laundry room - can really feel and smell the difference down there. So time to get the backing for the quilt and finish it! Supposed to cool down for a couple of days starting tomorrow, but then get hot again come the weekend.
We had a heck of a storm on Saturday - lots and lots of rain, lightening and thunder. Of course the TV and Internet went off but surprisingly enough the electricity just flickered a few times. Lots of flooded roads down the hill from us.
Horrible weekend for my favorite driver in NASCAR - got a flat tire in his truck and finished 20 something. Missed a restart at very end of Nationwide race and lost after leading most of race. And wrecked his Cup car - last four races he has finished 30 or worse! And this is the track he has 16 wins at and won all three races one weekend a couple of years ago.
Bill still has his COLD - really hanging on this time. Sure wish he could get feeling better...How can one body manufacture so much snot?
I did finish one more pillow - with cording - still have two more to go. Problem is now I don’t want to use them when I’m sitting on the couch - Afraid I’ll get them dirty or something - or the material will unravel. Only have as very little cleaning left way downstairs, the top floor is finished - so down to about four rooms and it will all be done [except for painting Bill’s bathroom - aaarrrggg.]
Ordered the software program I need to help format the book for print and am having problems getting it - because it is sold by a UK company so my credit cards won’t go through. Have to call them today and straighten things out. Glad they are cautious but...
Have to go into town this a.m. as Bill’s new Internet Adapter just quit working - just got it last week. Probably the power flicking on and off during the storm. 

Back home already and glad to be inside - it is like stepping into a hot shower outside - ick. 

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