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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Trying to keep busy inside.

Got the book back from editor - I knew I should have paid more attention in English 101. But actually there weren’t too many errors. Just mostly stupid proof reading mistakes. Now I have to design the back cover and spine for the print copies and get all the legalize things done. Then format it for all e-book types and for print type. That’s all - no problem. The book all printed out for editor - some comments on cover.
The prototype back cover. Still making changes on it. The blah blah needs to be worked on, but I like the pictures.
Now on top of his allergies Bill has a nasty summer cold. He just can’t get a break this year.
The weather has turned UGLY all caps intended! - hot - into the 90s with very high humidity. Giving us heat index of around 100. We can see the air and certainly wear it.
Ran into town yesterday morning to get a few things and ended up getting another de-humidifier for the downstairs. Sure hope it helps it is so damp down there. (Just came up from downstairs - feels so much better down there with a lot of the humidity removed.)
Also got a couple of the throw pillows recovered. And I found my zipper foot so putting on some decorative cording is now possible. Don’t know why I didn’t find it the other day; it was right where it was supposed to be. These two are done - no cording on them.
And this one is in the process - but driving me crazy. It will wait until tomorrow. I need patience to work on it. 
No NASCAR race until tonight - so will either mess with book or read - too hot to do anything else. 
I am going to post a second blog today - but I need to upload a video. Our son was on TV last night on the Los Angeles 11 p.m. KABC news.  - It is below this post...Don't ask how I did that I don't know. 

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  1. You are so talented - love the pillows.
    Let us know when the book is available
    We will be ready to buy it.