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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quiet country living.

As you can probably guess we’ve not been doing anything exciting lately. The weather continues to be good. In high 70s with some humidity and kind of overcast until about 6:00 when the sun comes out for a couple of hours. We did go out to dinner one night with friends. Good friends, cute place to go... It is a very small restaurant with a limited, expensive menu. The main business is a nursery so it’s an interesting place to walk around.

The restaurant itself is very small and cramped and just as we sat down a party of 16 arrived. I don’t think the staff was prepared for that. We didn’t get our salads - I didn’t get what I ordered. The big party was really messed up. Oh well - it is Brown County. The company was good though.
We drove half way to Indianapolis to a Joann’s where they sell my type of sewing machine to buy light bulbs for it. And the clerk was new and didn’t know where they were kept. So will have to make another trip there on another day. Still plugging away on the quilt. I keep changing the way it will be laid out.
Bill’s been working in the Alfa - made a new step for outside and a new bookcase for inside. Then changed its parking place from in front of the house to the parking spot on the side.
We were thinking about going somewhere this weekend but decided against it. We’re still waiting on the kitchen to be finished. (Well shut my mouth - he just pulled up.) We are supposed to have an Open House on Saturday - but doubt anyone will show up. Besides this weekend is  road race weekend for NASCAR and I don’t want to miss watching it on TV.  
Discovered another new sculpture downtown. Just got a quick shot of it going by, need to go get a better look at it when the sun is out so I can get a good picture of it. It looks really nice. 
Bill is getting more better daily - so nice to see him smiling again. 
And that is about it for now - 
P.S. our son Paul and his fiance now have a special page for their ASL singalongs  - Paul and Tina's Singalong They've added a couple of new songs. 

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  1. Your son and his fiancé are famous! Their video is streaming all over Facebook. They are getting lots of nice comments.