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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Size does matter.

I cannot believe it is Labor Day weekend already - where did the summer go? We’d planned on taking a couple of trips this summer - guess we aren’t going to make them. Some of the leaves on the trees are already starting to change colors and fall.
Weather remains hot and very humid. In fact it just started to rain again. The new humidifier is working overtime! Sure makes a difference in the basement (which by the way is almost All cleaned - just have the laundry room left.)
I finally got all five pillows recovered - all using a different piece of the material that we bought in Mexico a couple of years ago. The blanket behind them we bought one morning while eating breakfast from a beach vendor - I fell in love with the colors. When the vendor saw me looking at it he knew he had a sale!
It’s been busy around here the last few days. Bill got rid of the BIG Ram truck and got in trade a small Cadillac Allante. The kind that you can remove the metal top and turn it into a convertible. At least it is smaller and I can drive it. But I don’t think he intends to keep it. We sure don’t need it. At least it is small enough we can get two cars in the garage. 
And we are getting a wood deck put over the cracked concrete just outside the basement doors. It will look nice when it’s done. They have just started it.

In town yesterday I picked up some material for the backing on the quilt. Might work on it today after I finish cleaning my bathroom and maybe the laundry room. Going to be a lot of NASCAR racing on TV - so I can sew and watch. 


  1. Yes, great colors in the pillow as well as the blanket

  2. The summer just flew!! We've been travelling the last 3 weeks so that's it for now. Cushions look great.

  3. Love the colors - you are so talented. Have your son and future daughter in law posted more sign songs on Youtube?