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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sewing and Cleaning

Monday - Gloomy day most of yesterday and so humid. When I got up today the sun was up but seems to have disappeared now. We have chance of rain for the next three or four days. Everything feels damp. And is damp. Even the towels don’t dry after a shower. ICK. No wonder Bill’s allergies are rampant. Yes even with the meds he is still not feeling really good.
I’ve managed to almost finish the face of the quilt, just have a couple more pieces to add - then have to go to town to find the backing.  I’ve been spending time in the basement sewing and - horrors! - Cleaning. Found a mummified mouse under the couch. At least no baby snakes this time. The part of the room that is clean. All the knick knacks took forever...
Watched the racing over the weekend - Not good races for the #51 truck, the 54 Nationwide car or the #18 Cup car. Not good at all. 
Today is a Barcelona soccer game. A friendly but the whole team should be playing. Hope they are better this year than they were last.
Best get to doing laundry and finishing the quilt and maybe finishing cleaning the basement big room.
Got the edging on the quilt so now I know how much material I have to buy for the backing - luckily I have the batting.
Tuesday - Well didn’t get this finished yesterday so will try now.
Got another section of the basement cleaned - found lots more stuff I forgot we had, including a great big old TV - not flat screen - the BIG old ones - inside of the big entertainment center we brought from Las Vegas. Also board games, chess pieces and puzzles. Lots of VHS tapes. And about six beautiful woven baskets! More stuff for Bill’s garage sale. Just need to clean my sewing area and the bar and the big room down there will be done. At least it is cool down there.
Very humid again today with temps supposed to go up to 88! - And bad storms tonight. But they usually go around us. Not over us.
The stairs finished with the metal carpet/stair holders.
Going to try to recover some of the throw pillows from our TV watching/living room. Have lots of material we bought a couple of years ago in Mexico. It is really pretty and colorful but hard to work with as it is a loose weave and it frays like crazy. And the foot for the machine keeps getting caught in the threads.

Going into town for breakfast....


  1. I think Bill's yard sale might be an interesting one to spot by and visit!

  2. Wish I could be there for the yard sale - should be interesting and fun.