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Thursday, October 2, 2014

No meds - no glasses - oh my!

Another week and another month gone already. And all our sagas continue.
Guess I’m not getting new glasses this year. After returning them to get the lenses changed they still aren’t right. Everyone finally decided the prescription was wrong - as there was NO correction for reading! - Too late now to go back to optometrist - and I don’t like or trust her anyway. So will continue to use my old pair. Good thing I can see with them.
Also still arguing with the pharmacy about Bill’s meds. We are supposed to be able to pick them up Monday the 6th - one refill and one vacation override refill - which will give him enough until we get home in the spring. I’ll believe it when we have them in our hands. The years add so much more fun to ones life.
Our friend who is going to be living in the house over the winter will get here over the weekend. She’s been living in Alaska all summer. So the timing is perfect.
Weather has been nice - in mid to high 70s with low humidity so Bill has felt pretty good. The leaves are getting really pretty, but lots of them are already on the ground. And now that it is time to get serious about loading the Alfa it is supposed to start raining tonight and continue through the weekend. Thank goodness we have a lot out there already. About all that’s left is food or stuff we are using daily.

Not sure where our travels will take us this year. All we know for sure is we are heading southwest. Kind of - First day we’ll stop in Mulberry Grove, IL then next stop will be in Cuba, MO. We will spend some time in Las Vegas visiting kids and friends. And after that we don’t know. Maybe Mexico, maybe not. 


  1. Mexico is always good in the Winter - gets my vote if I have one that is :)

  2. Mexico gets our vote also. We will be there December 5th to 19th. Wish we had the opportunity to go with our motorhome like you do. Would be so much more fun. Will tag along with you wherever you decide.