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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Interesting trip to Elkhart

So glad the news from Chile is so good.

Well I whined and whined about the satellite until I convinced The Driver to drive to Elkhart, IN. 230 miles from home. Now I don’t know if I’m glad I did or if I wish I hadn’t of.

Leaving Home 8:30 a.m.
But we are here now. Had an eventful trip up. We left home about 8:30. Off like a herd of turtles! First off I’m glad we decided to take the longer straighter road when leaving home instead of the twisty, turny, narrow way we usually go. A little ways down the road it was apparent that there was something not quite right behind us. Lots of jerking and noise. Got to a wide place in the road stopped and went back to check. Oops! One arm of the tow bar was not extending all the way and locking. Unhitch, hitch, push, pull, WD40, more hitch, unhitch, more push, pull. A couple people stopped to ask if we needed help. Nope – just patience. Finally all was working well. But we were both paranoid by then.

Got onto the main highway and things were still not right. The Driver thought maybe a tire was going flat. Pulled over. Nope. Tires seemed fine maybe they were just out of round from sitting so long. Eventually everything smoothed out.

We stopped for breakfast in Columbus then hit the I-65 north. Just after we made the circle around Indy and just as we were entering the off ramp – BANG THUMP THUMP! CRAP! Luckily the ramp was wide enough so we could pull over and stop. The Driver got out and headed to the rear. The right rear outside tire had blown. By the time he got back up front I had the GPS hunting for a tire place. Found a Firestone place a few miles away that had the right size tire in stock. So we limped off the off ramp onto the main road. Hazard lights on driving on the shoulder people stopping next to us and telling us we had a flat. No s**t. Got a new tire and after another 45 minutes we were off again. 12:30 and we were less than 60 miles from home!

Got about another 50 miles and it started to pour. 110 days with out rain and it decides to rain today. I actually managed to use our Droid to check Weather Bug and saw it was a fast moving storm and clear in front of us. Good.
Saw this on the road - it was for sale
How'd we get to Mexico already?
Rest of ride was uneventful. The Elkhart Campground is very nice. It’s a big place over 300 big grass spaces. WiFi is pretty good. Then we went out for Chinese. A real international night – the lady in the office is from India.
Elkhart RV Park
After arriving we called the satellite guy and he will be here tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock.

Hadn’t planned on staying here more than tonight and tomorrow night but I’ve been looking at info about the area – hummmm – maybe we’ll be here longer. Do want to go to the RV/Motorhome Museum for sure. Also see there are a lot of quilt murals around here.

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