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Friday, October 15, 2010

Wakarusa, Indiana

Friday a.m.

We were nice and cozy last night no freezing – The Driver set the electric heater and I kept my hands off it.

More good news – when we got up this a.m. and turned on the computers we had no problems getting on to AOL. Just popped up and is working fine with our satellite. Hip hip hoorey! But we still have to wait for the part. It should be here Saturday or Monday. And we now have a password on our satellite so if another caravan pulls into next to us they can’t all jump on our signal.

Another “senior moment” couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t more than 1 minute on the microwave. Well dah. Need to push a “cook/time” button before putting in the actual time wanted. Need to use Jennie more often.

Went to Perkins for dinner last night (didn’t bring much in the way of food ‘cause I thought we’d only be here a couple of days.) Any way we’ve eaten in Perkins before and they are usually good. Well we both got huge meals last night. Bill had a club sandwich with fries. I have never seen so many fries on a plate and the club was made with four slices of bread and thick slices of turkey. I had a chicken spinach salad and when I was stuffed the dish still looked like I’d eaten nothing. Not expensive either $8 for the club and $9 for the salad.

Friday afternoon

Went to breakfast to Perkins again. Then took drive to a big Farmers Market I’d seen on our way here. Found it but it wasn’t open. Closed down end of September – oh well. Then on down the road to little town named Wakarusa – founded around the late 1800s or early 1900s judging by the dates on some of the buildings.

1917 Garage

The whole downtown is just one block long on each side of the main four corners. This time of year there is a pumpkin tree in the center of the town.

Pumpkin Tree
 And the whole downtown is decorated for the season.

Just one of the doors with a quilt mural

Bench Bum sign called to The Driver

More buildings and decorations

Pot person
Colorful trees one block from center of town.
Just a couple of pictures from the town. Looks like it would be a nice place to live.

Nice trees for walking under
Altogether a real pretty little town.
Right now we are getting Jennie washed and waxed - $6 a foot and he does a great job.
Well more later as we continue to visit the area.

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  1. Love the pictures. We are going into downtown Lewiston tomorrow for the pumpkin palooza extravaganza with our grands. Hope to get some good pictures of Fall things.

    Hope your time there goes quickly. Glad you got your aol up and working and your wifi secure. We had to do that with our verizon mifi.