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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We remain City Slickers I guess

Tuesday a.m.

It’s just a couple minutes before 8a.m. and it is just barely light out. At 7:30 it was still pitch black out. What’s up with that? Makes me want to just climb back into bed again.

Loading Jennie for tomorrows short trip – anyway we only plan on being gone three days. Unless it turns into more. Kind of weird getting ready for such a short trip. Not sure what to take with us – don’t plan on doing much any cooking.

Today will still be warm but weather is supposed to change tomorrow – of course – maybe some rain??? Then a lot cooler until the weekend – when we will be home – then warming up into the 80s again.

I think the trees are about as pretty as they are going to get. Lots of leaves already on the ground. These are from out back.

We got another reminder about what “city slickers” we still are. Were in the restaurant we go to a lot and the manager told us he had been hunting the night before. So of course we asked what he was hunting – didn’t think deer season was going on yet. Well he told us – squirrels. Said he got about six of them. So like a dummy I asked what he did with squirrels. “Well eat them of course.” Eat them? Those cute little things! He said it took quite a few to make a meal – well dah! Says he boils them first to get rid of the wild taste then breads and fries them. Hummmm. Just never thought about it before.

Had more trouble with my web pages – they just disappeared. Took many more e-mails and a couple of days but now working again. Hopefully that is the last bug from their “upgrade!”

Not happy with the outcome of Sundays NASCAR race. My favorite Kyle #18 – is most likely out of the Chase. He’s too far back now to catch up. Mechanical problems seem to plague him in the Chases. I have a couple of little friends who watch all the races with me. Aren’t they cute?

Wednesday dark a.m.

Well I didn’t finish this yesterday so best get it done now as don’t know when we’ll get internet. Hopefully tomorrow.

Not long after I post this we’ll hit the road. Stop in Columbus for breakfast and head north to Elkhart. And wouldn’t you know it is supposed to rain – for over 100 days it hasn’t rained but today its going to. And supposed to get colder too.
Don't you just hate it when a program  (Internet) you are used to using makes changes in the way you have to do things. Don't they remember "If it ain't broke - don't fix it."

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