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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Satellite woes - RV Museum

Thursday a.m.

Brrrrrr – instead of turning the small electric heater down last night I turned it off. Need to wear those glasses all the time I guess. Freezing in here this a.m.

Starting to discover what I forgot to bring with us. Already been to the store to buy a couple of things – shower soap and shampoo no less. Also didn’t bring anything to measure the coffee grounds – no big deal but something to put on the list.

It’s amazing how many things you forget about RV living when you haven’t done it for awhile. Forgot about air in the water lines and managed to soak ourselves and the whole kitchen with the forceful spurt that came out first time it turned it on.

Well lets see – the satellite guy came – it is up and running – kind of – but we are connected. But there is a problem with it – so dealer MotoSat in Utah was called and they will ship a new part for it – Should arrive Sat or Monday. So guess we will be spending some time here after all. The new part? Well it is a brand new out of the box satellite and something is wrong with the GPS system in it. To get on line the GPS coordinates have to be entered manually instead of it finding it automatically. I can do that but for the price I want it working right. Then there is another problem. We can get on line with all browsers except AOL – which is the one both of us use all the time for favorites and mail. GRRRRR. Might have to call AO Land/or Hughes Net to see if it can be fixed. For now just using campgrounds WiFi again.
This aft we went to the RV/Motorhome Museum. Kind of interesting. Lots of very old stuff. One made from a Cadillac Eldorado


One reminded me of the trailer we (my Mom and Dad and me) lived in in 1955 in the winter in Wyoming. Twenty-two foot long trailer with an oil stove and an ice box. It was my job to keep the tray under the ice box emptied of the water from the melting ice. There was no bathroom and the bathrooms were about a half block away. In the winter in Wyoming! Wow. Guess it was like we really moved up when we got into an apartment. My Mom sure put up with a lot from my Dad.

How's this for a driver's chair?

Want to cook while driving?

Very early trailer

Kind of looks like a trolley

Went to dinner at a Perkins. My goodness did we get a lot of food and it wasn’t expensive. And it was very good.

Really enjoying my Nook while here. Easier than taking a couple of books
That's it for today. It is really getting cool out. Will let The Driver set the heater tonight.

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  1. Popped over from Womens RV Forum. Loved the pictures of the old time RV's.

    We too have had problems with our satellite for the last two months but with our carnival schedule was not able to get it looked at till today. Don't know all what the guy did but is working now and for that we are glad. He did show us how to set it for the area we are in when we move each time.

    Hope the part gets in quickly and you can get on the road.