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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Settling in at Home

Thursday a.m.

Haven’t posted for a few days so will play catch up.

Monday p.m. (wrote this then)

Well the guy is here finishing the waxing of Jennie – she looks beautiful. The part for the satellite didn’t come in – can’t even be shipped until end of week – so we’re going home tomorrow and will have the part shipped to Vegas and take care of it there. We can at least get on line but the system won’t search the satellite automatically I’ll have to put the GPS coordinates in it manually. It is working fine – a lot faster than the same thing at the house.
It didn’t rain as predicted but never did warm up much. Tomorrow is supposed to be cool but sunny. Hopefully we will have an uneventful trip home.

Wednesday a.m.

Well we are home. Hand a very uneventful trip home. Sunny cool day. Saw a couple of buildings with roof art on them. Seeing a lot of flags on roofs now days.

Tractor painted on the roof

And a movie screen from an old drive in. Haven’t seen one of them in a long time. Didn’t appear to still be open though. Guess it is just a flea market site now.
And I just took this cause it looked cool. Kind of makes us look like an airplane.

Our reflection in a tanker truck
Once home we just unloaded Jennie and switched the internet from her to the house. I always hold my breath when doing this - What if it doesn't work? But it did with just a few hicups.
Today is doing laundry day and finishing unloading Jennie day. Not too much to do. A lot of the stuff will just stay in there until we go again. Need to do some cleaning and then she’ll be ready to hit the road again in a couple of weeks.
I’m glad we went north – the colors on the trees were much prettier. Here the color is already gone; in fact most of the leaves are gone too. The front yard is completely cover in a layer of leaves.
Did some sewing this aft. Working on some Christmas place mats. Somehow I managed to break three needles in a row so figured I’d better quit before I really messed up. Some days you just shouldn’t sew.

Thursday a.m.

Couldn’t get anything posted yesterday – something going on with the blog site I guess.
Today is supposed to be up in the 70s again and we need to get into town and restock a few things.

Nothing else going on.

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  1. nice pics, sorry your part didn't come in.