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Saturday, October 16, 2010

More from Yesterday

Posting this blog is getting to be a real challenge. Using FireFox I can upload several pictures at once BUT then after putting them into the blog it won’t save or publish.[After I upload the pictures I then have to place them into the blog add the narrative and then publish it.] Using IE I can save and publish but have to upload pictures one by one – but can put them in the blog a several at a time. Using AOL – after uploading a couple pictures it shuts me out…..Why do they mess with their formats when they were working???? Maybe I’ll be searching the web for a new blog format. Any suggestions?

Saturday a.m.

Another chilly morning – around 35° out. The Driver is ready to head far South already.

We are going to have to find a grocery store this morning. When planning this trip I insisted we’d only be gone three days. Day one get there, day two fix satellite, day three go home. Its day four and we’ll still be here another two or three days – depending on when the ordered part gets here. So any way I didn’t put much in the way of food in here figuring for a couple of days we’d just snack or eat out. I should know better after all these years of traveling.

A couple more pictures from our ride yesterday. This is just the pretty countryside.

We stopped at a place that used to be a bag factory – now it is an “antique mall”
Bag Factory
This is one of the flower gardens that is planted in the shape of a quilt square. There are lots of them in the area but due to time of year most are not blooming.

Driving through the outskirts of Elkhart we saw this old house – its being restored – wouldn’t you love to do that?

Also saw this guy just peddling down the street.

The guy washing Jennie is still here - now he is washing and waxing Willie. So we have to wait until he is done before we can go anywhere.

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