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Monday, October 18, 2010

Shipshewana -

Sunday a.m.
We spent some time in Shipshewana Saturday afternoon. Kind of reminded me of Nashville. Lots of tourists – lots of stores selling lots of pretty stuff you don’t really need but think it would be neat to have.
Those are metal sheep in front
Luckily we reigned ourselves in and didn’t buy anything. And I actually browsed a bead store and a yardage store without finding something I “had to have.” Love looking at the quilts for sale and saw one that I had bought the pattern for last year – didn’t even remember I had it. Will have to find it when we get home and leave it out for next year.

The big flea market that the area is famous for is only on Tuesday and Wednesdays so we missed that.

All around this area are supposed to be quilt paintings on buildings. This is the only one we’ve seen so far. One store sold jigsaw puzzles – all kinds – very expensive but what I liked was the entrance – the arched ceiling is copper – very pretty.

In Nashville we have horse and carriage rides here they have buggy rides. A couple of patient horses waiting for passengers.

Lots of big farms around here. Very peaceful feeling area

Monday a.m.

Try to catch this up. The young man who is washing and waxing Jennie and Willie is still working on them. He is doing an excellent job. Both look better than when they were new. Hopefully today he will finish – but – it looks like it is going to rain this morning.
Also the part for the satellite is supposed to get here and be installed today. Haven’t heard from installer yet.

There is a really nice supermarket close to the campground – it is a Martins. And Guess What! For the first time ever we found EGG Bagels. Will go back there and buy some to freeze before we leave.

Yesterday afternoon we just took a ride up into Michigan. Hummm can we put that state on our map????? Guess not – Jennie didn’t go there. It was pretty country – lots of farms and homes scattered all around. Almost every house had some type of Halloween/Fall decorations.

Would like to come back up to this area again when the weather is warmer and the flowers are blooming and all the stores are open. Finding out lots of things close down early October.

Just thought it was cute
Well the morning hurries on and haven't heard from or seen either gentleman we are waiting for -but it hasn't started to rain yet either - just remains dark and cold out. The Driver does not like cold - he is more than ready to head for Mexico and the warm beautiful beaches there.
I've been playing with my laptop and added this as my wallpaper. Makes me smile when I look at it.
Till later.....

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  1. Hope motorhome is done soon so you can get moving and enjoying your travels.