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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Copala and the guardian of the church

I just downloaded and read over the new NASCAR Chase rules –What?????? – How convoluted can you get? Probably won’t be able to figure them out until the actual Chase…Wonder what the drivers really think.
Today is a cooler day here in Mazatlan didn’t reach 80 – just 79 ½…But got a note from one of our friends at home who said, “Don’t come home. You won’t be able to find the front door for the snow.” And there continues to be snow and COLD in the forecast. According to the ground hog for two more months! All right all ready, enough.   
Back to yesterday. We picked up our friends John and Jackie and headed out to Copala – about 55 miles away inland towards Durango on the old Devil's Backbone highway
And because it was on the way we just had to stop in Malpica to go to the bakery. Through the front room (a baby swing hanging from the ceiling.) Door to the bakery on the right.
Then the baked goods. Smell and taste so good. We got enough for a week. Got some of the braided circle ones with sugar on them.
Continued up the road to Chupaderos. Bill and I have been to Chupaderos a couple of times. The first time we went there we by mistake drove across the OMG bridge. I mentioned this to John and Jackie – wrong thing to do. Of course then we had to show it to them. There it is. [actually this is coming back across it too - looking towards town.]
And then we had to take them across it. OMG! It is a little over a lane wide with no side rails. You come off it onto a very narrow dirt road that follows the side of the mountain up hill. There is no place to turn around till you get past a small earth slide – rocks on one side, straight down on the other. For some reason, today they won’t answer my emails……maybe they’re getting their new gray hairs plucked out.
This is coming back after we got turned around. You know I was hanging on going up – I didn’t even take any pictures. Bill said …No Problem.
A look at the bridge from the river bed – I took this a couple of years ago but it still looks the same. It is pretty high up – you could drive a big truck under the bridge.
Going through the little town on its main road heading back towards the highway.

If you want to know more about our first adventure there – click Here
Continued on up the highway to Copala. This is a special little town – founded in 1576 as a silver mining town. The cemetery on the road into town – it says #3 but I haven’t seen a #1 or #2.
The cobblestone road up to the plaza and church.
A view of the side of the church from a street below it.
For some reason this time I didn’t take a picture of the whole front of the church. I was too intent on taking a picture of the figure coming out of the façade of the church up above the front doors and window. He is right above the middle of the window.
Why was I interested you ask? Even if you didn’t ask I’ll tell you. Sometime last week I found an article on-line about the figure – cannot for the life of me find it again – a legend says that many, many, many years ago there was a Mass to drive the devils out of the church and this is one devil that didn’t make it all the way out. Also says if you throw a stone at it and hit him the first try you will be blessed with good luck. [Didn't try that - for fear if you miss you will be cursed with bad luck.] Then too I also read that it supposed to be a dour priest that is looking down on the town’s people to make sure they go to Mass. Either way it is interesting. A little closer look at him/it.
Did get a couple more pictures of the Iglesia San Jose – it was built in 1748. Amazing how these old buildings stand up with time. The church is still being used. Looking along the side towards the front.
A closer look at the top of the bell tower. A lot of intricate work on the whole building.
The only door that was open so we could go inside. A side door.
Oh Oh the guardian of the Church – or so she thinks. She always follows any one who goes inside and asks for money. And if you don’t give her enough she isn’t shy about telling you. Chasing down Bill.
The unusual altar. No light inside and didn’t want to use a flash but can still see the design.
One of the angels. The background kind of reminds me of a meandering stitch on a quilt.
She was not happy with us – not enough money in her hand. Have never been there when she hasn’t caught up with us. One of our friends thinks she put a curse on him with all her finger shaking at him.
One of the reasons we went to Copala was we had been told a friend of ours, Alejandro, had opened a restaurant there. As we drove into town we noticed that Daniels the big restaurant that has been there for years was closed down. So now a new restaurant made a little more sense. And sure enough here is the sign.
Alejandro showing us around. He has done all the work himself – restoring an old falling down house.
Into this nice restaurant. When the tour vans come to town they eat here now that Daniel’s is closed. He was expecting two vans later in the day.
The ladies who used to cook at Daniels now work here.
Making the famous banana cream pies the area is known for.
This huge bamboo plant shades the dining area in the afternoon.
After touring the restaurant Alejandro took us up to show us a home that was for sale in the hills. Beautiful place called Casa de Colores – house of the colors. Great view of the town. A little too far away from Mazatlan. 
Fixed a great dinner last night - with enough left overs for tonight. Finally I'm reading "Travels with Charley" by John Steinbeck. I mostly don't like his writing - maybe because we had to read it in school but I'm really enjoying the book so far. 


  1. Lovely day trip, you guys sure go and see places, I like that! Thanks for sharing.

  2. One reason is we have friends all over the place down here.

  3. OMG and I thought it was Montezuma's revenge that hit us this morning!! LOL
    No that is not why we didn't answer we were already out and about early this morning!!

    Any time, Lady, bring on the Oh $hit roads!

  4. Hello,
    Do you hear from "Tioga George" at all? I would like and update about him.
    And your friend is right ---- Brown Co. schools closed again today 6 degree temps and lower tonight.

  5. We hear from Geroge from time to time he is living in Ms Tioga in Southern California. They went boondocking for a week or so in Quartzite. He has an electric now that he enjoys using.