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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Visiting some Mazatlan neighborhoods

I'm BACK!!! Cold is just about gone, only cough once in a while. And am finally getting over the shakiness – is that a word? Even sleeping good at night. Guess I scared Bill half to death – he’ll hardly let me do anything or get out of his sight. I did fix dinner Valentine’s night. Simple dinner of chicken breast, vegetables and pasta.
Then had a really busy day yesterday, Saturday, but first I want to share a couple of photos from Valentines Day.
First lovers and the sunset – the picture doesn’t do the colors justice.
And the full moon coming up over the campground.

Yesterday we spent traveling around Mazatlan to some of the different neighborhoods or Colonias as they are called with Paquis and her group. We met up with Roberto – our lead car for the day – he has a bright red pickup so he is easy to follow – in the Colonia of Benito Juarez. Bill and I have been to this area a couple of times before because they have a huge tiangis (swap market/flea market/farmers market) once a week. It is amazing to go to and I’ve written about it before. Even non market days there are booths lining the streets with lots of customers.
We parked to wait for Roberto right next to this Hospital for Cell Phones – I like the sign. Kind of tongue in cheek. “We operate on all types of cellulars. Deaf, Mute, Dropped in water, Almost dead, Run over, Paralytic, and Cripples. Don’t worry we take care of all of them.”
We were supposed to meet in the Plazuela so we walked past the church
And a huge head [would this be called a bust when there is just a head] of Padre Hildago – he is the priest who started and led for a while the Revolution of 1810.
Met Roberto and followed him to the first stop in Colonia Venadillo. I’ve included a “kind of” map of yesterday’s travels. I say kind of because half the time I had no idea where we were. It is pretty accurate though I think. #s 1 and 9 are the RV Park. #2 way at the bottom of the map is Colonia Juarez. #3 Colonia Venadillo and #4 Colonia Chilillo are near the top. Today's post only goes to this point. 
Off the map at the top #5 is a restaurant in El Habal right on the Libre 15. From there things get really mixed up. We went to Colonia Jesus Osuna (don’t have any idea where that was) then to #6 and #7 – not sure of their names. #8 is simply the road home. Maybe next time I should take snapshots of the GPS.
These are just photos of some walls with graffiti/art that we passed.

Following Roberto into Colonia Venadillo. Narrow streets. Laundry draped over a fence to dry.
The truck carrying the blankets to be given away was already there. A couple of ladies resting on the bumper in the shade waiting for the doings to begin.
Inside the Plazuela (little plaza) some of the ladies who came to listen.
Some of the faces in the crowd.
This is an older woman who was sitting on a cement bench next to where I was sitting. She and I exchanged smiles and nods.
his was a little boy sitting on a chair – one of the few chairs available – right next to me. Here he is quiet and playing with his Mom’s cell phone. 
Then he got bored. Cell phone hit the ground. Whining started. He dumped the chair over, wouldn’t sit in it but wouldn’t give it up. This continued for a while. The older woman and I watching him. Finally he turned his back and the older woman grabbed the chair and sat down in it. She looked at me and grinned. I gave her the thumbs up and she returned it and settled back to enjoy what was going on.
Could not resist taking pictures of this little girl. This I just call Young and Aged.
And here she is again. Isn’t she a beauty. And wonderfully behaved.
As you can guess there were a lot of Moms and children there. This young one looks like he is determined to say NO! But he soon smiled and went on playing.
Had to take a picture of these. I cannot imagine even being able to stand in them let alone walk in them.
My friend with her blanket. Usually I don’t get involved but this time I delivered the blanket to her – I kind of cut the line – The smile I received and the hug and the shining eyes gave me such a good feeling. Made the whole day worthwhile to me.
Leaving Venadillo and head north to the Libre 15.  [free road]
One of the overpasses that has been painted
But then we turned off onto another dirt road. Again – Keep that dust cloud in sight – even the red of the pickup didn’t shine through.
Going into the little town of Chilillo over a concrete bridge with no guard rails of any kind. Not a big drop but would be an unpleasant one.
This ATV went zipping by us. There were six -6- kids on it. The Plazuela and the gazebo on the left. But we were headed to the community building.
Across the street from where we parked the ladies of this home were selling corn on the cob on the front porch. Of course some of our group had to have some. Not me – it is NOT sweet corn as we are used to. The taste comes from what is added to it. 
The pot of boiled corn.
Then you slather it with either melted butter or mayonnaise and give it a nice coating of grated cheese.
And then drip hot sauce all over it. (This person didn’t put the cheese on it.) Everyone seemed to be enjoying it.
Just a couple of the homes on the main street. Notice the street is dirt.
A bucket and scoop sitting out in front of one of the houses. It is used to pick up leaves, trash etc from in front of the house.
Heading for the community building. It is amazing how much cooler it is inside these concrete buildings.
Paquis on the left with the white shirt and long hair. Some of the women listening. Notice the man in the corner in the red hat.
I don’t know what Paquis had been saying but suddenly the man got up started serenading her and walking towards her doing a little dance step. She met him half way.
Dancing. The crowd was loving it.
After the meeting everyone leaving with their blankets.
I’m going to stop here because I want to get this posted and will finish the day’s events later in another post.

Well my favorite NASCAR driver didn’t do too bad yesterday in the first race of the season. He finished 3rd. Half of the cars didn’t even finish! And another season begins.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Don't overdo and take care of yourself.

  2. Great post, Carol. I love the pictures of the children...do you ask permission, zoom from afar, or just do it? I rarely get good people pics because I'm afraid of offending I guess. Glad you are up to touring and blogging again.