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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine and Carnaval decorations

Valentines Day is fast approaching and the hotel on the Malecon has lit up its heart. Not a real good picture but the idea is there.
Didn’t do too much yesterday. Had to make a trip to WalMart to get more candy for Bill to give out. And WalMart is the only grocery store that sells the kind we like. And first thing we saw was the big Valentine’s Day display. Candy and cakes and balloons.
One of the cakes – what will it taste like in 10 days? Guess it is the thought that counts.
And of course, can’t forget the sexy red and black underwear.
Along with Boones Farm Strawberry Hill Wine. What more could you want.
This is the new WalMart right across from the big new mall here on our side of the city. Usually it is busier than this. Looks just like home.
The bakery department. Everything looks good.
We got our candy and some things on the list I forgot to bring with us. Including “I Can’t Believe its not Butter” and Bill remembered to buy more time for his “Paquis” telcel phone.
Headed out to Willie and there he sat with a big piece of cardboard across the front window to keep the sun out. I could hear Bill’s teeth grinding. I actually think it is a good idea. The parking attendants in the lots straighten out the cardboard boxes and place them on the windows hoping to keep the interior of the cars cooler. Then of coursed you slip them a few pesos. I think it is pretty enterprising of them. And it does keep the car cooler.
Went home to put the groceries away. And on the way home our friend Angelica saw Willie and followed us to the campground to visit a while. So glad we got to see her for a little bit.
Then we headed towards the Malec√≥n to check out the Carnaval decorations. As we’re driving down the street another friend pulls up along side us honking his horn – motioning to pull over. Said he was glad he saw the car! As he had to talk to Bill a bit. [I think maybe I’ll spray paint over the graphics – too many people here recognize us.]
The sun was just wrong and traffic too heavy to go real slow but I got a couple of shots of the decorations for Carnaval that were just put up on the Malecon. The theme of Carnaval this year is Litortalia – la piel del mar, meaning the skin of the sea. ??? It is a poetic phrase referring to the sea touching the shore. And all of the large celebrations around the world take place by the sea.  So the sculptures represent different cities – Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Havana and New Orleans. It takes a little imagination but here are some of them. Will get better pictures another day. My guess on this one would be New Orleans
No idea here
This looks kind of like a Beach Boy??? Except for the cigar.
The street we usually turn down to go to the Centro Historico was blocked off so we took the long way around and saw this car parked. Pretty fancy paint job.
Got to the parking lot and arranged to have all the dust from the last couple of days washed off Willie then went to the Plazuela Machado for lunch. For years we’ve eaten almost exclusively at Beach Burger but because they have the most uncomfortable chairs in the world we’ve been going to other restaurants. When the waiter asked us why Bill told him “You get different chairs and we’ll be back.” Well…..as we passed by the waiter hailed us and showed Bill the four new chairs – well old chairs but with padded seats. That's right only four. Just for him! Of course we ate there. How could we not after getting our very own private chairs.
One the way home we were noticing all the clean up that is going on. Tree trimming, hole fixing, colored lights being strung. Carnaval begins in 22 days.
Took a late nap yesterday afternoon so stayed up late reading then had vivid dreams most of the night. Feel like a truck ran over me today. It’s an effort to even raise my arms…
I finished "Travels with Charley" and highly recommend it. Very interesting. 


  1. We took pics of the statues along the maelcon the other day and had the same problem too much sun.

  2. Thanks Carol for letting us know about TGeorge. Any update on him would be appreciated.