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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

El Quelite again.

I was just checking the weather forecast for here and for home…at home they are getting another severe winter storm – expecting up to 10 or more inches of snow overnight. High temperatures in the low 20s. Here by the weekend temperatures are predicted to be 88!!!! Please send a little of that cool air here. Please.
Just to check Bill turned the key in the Alfa this morning. Started right up. Always wonder after it’s just been sitting for a month or so. Also generator came right on. So all is well there. And Willie is running fine. Oh yes, Bill is finally over his cold. And me, I just keep plugging along.
On Sunday we went back to El Quelite for breakfast with our friend Roberto and his wife and children. They live here in Mazatlan and have never been to the restaurant there. They were enchanted with it. Search El Quelite in the box to the right and lots of posts about it will come up. 
Were we ever surprised when we pulled into town. Wall to wall cars parked everywhere! Never seen so many cars there.
Come to find out it was a three-day weekend holiday. Constitution Day is celebrated the first Monday in February [I can never spell that word right.]  It is actually the 5th but what the heck a three day weekend is what everyone wants. And since the new highway opened there were lots of people from Durango here in Mazatlan.
We finally found parking on the next street over right in front of the house I wrote about the last time we were here. The one that was being built with bricks. The second story is now completed.
Walking back to the restaurant we noticed all the horses and burros in the street. About 15 of them. Many of them with children getting rides. Also lots of colorful items for sale lining the sidewalks.
Inside it was packed. There were even tables set up in the new back room in front of the great mural. The owner and his wife were all over the place yelling at the help. One of their unattractive traits. Very very busy day. But as always good food and attention and great ambiance. As we were leaving we stopped to watch these two ladies making tortillas as fast as they could.
The tortillas were cooking on the long counter. See the fire under them.
Shop across the street from the restaurant.
Just one of the many horses being ridden around town.
We were walking around town when I spied this truck – it is great – many coats of paint through the years. And check out the hood ornament.
More horses we had to watch out where we walked. Both to stay out of their way and to keep our feet out of their leavings.
Gathering of horses under a big tree.
A really nice day spent with good company.
Sunday evening we watched the SuperBowl in Spanish. What a disaster for the Broncos. And Barcelona soccer team lost their game too. Glad there wasn’t any NASCAR racing.
Yesterday was a fairly quiet day. We finally got out and went up to the point at the far end of the Malecón to watch the sunset. Thought it would be better than this...
Then we went to Christys – a sports bar in the Marina with 24 TV screens. There were only a couple of other tables with people there and the TVs were on mute. 
They have over 50 different hamburger combinations. I just had a plain hamburger and Bill had a Rueben Sandwich. Both very good. They also have pasta, chicken, steak and fish. Next time. 
Today we went to Copala - but that is another story. 

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