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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Catching up 'cause I slept most of yesterday!

I had a “down” day yesterday. Was up early 3A.M. early. Wide awake. Stayed up till about 10 A.M. then went back to bed until 1:30 P.M. – After a couple cups of coffee to wake me up we went to the grocery store. Then home for rest of day. Because I missed breakfast and lunch I cooked an early dinner. We had chicken breast with sun dried tomatoes, red onions, artichokes, red pepper and zucchini. Cooked in wine and lemon juice. Turned out really good. Also Angel Hair pasta. Bill watched a couple of Mexican soccer games and I read and at 9:30 I was in bed to sleep until 6:30 this morning. So anyway – here I am now trying to catch up. This morning we’re meeting friends and going to El Quelite for breakfast so best get typing.
Friday morning we went out to breakfast at the Shrimp Bucket one of the oldest restaurants in the Centro Historico right on the Malecón in.
Two very talented xylophone players entertained the diners.
I wasn’t paying attention and Bill ordered my breakfast – I was thinking French Toast and instead I got this –
I am not a fan of Mexican food and this was very mild spicy – but more than I like and it had corn tortillas which I don’t like at all. Also a fried egg, peas, soft cheese and quarters of plantino. Sorry – rather have French Toast.
The Shrimp Bucket is in one corner of the La Siesta Hotel. Leading into the hotel is this mural – showing the hotel in days gone bye.

The atrium of the hotel accessible from the restaurant. Very pretty setting. And there are rooms available during February - for any one who is thinking of coming here. 
After breakfast driving across town I noticed that we are now beginning to see posters for the Carnaval queen. They really take it seriously and are willing to spend money for the honor. One of many.
One stop we made I watched this girl walking across a dirt and gravel parking lot. Just a pair of shoes – how can any one walk in them? Added a couple of inches to her height though.
An interesting wall.
Later in the afternoon we stopped in the Las Flores Hotel in the Golden Zone to have a cooling drink – no not that kind. I had ice tea and Bill had Coke. But there sure is a pretty view from the restaurant.

Basically we spent the day wandering around town – later on headed back out the Malecon – this school girl was checking out the Devil’s Cave. Her friends wouldn’t even cross the street with her. In the olden days ice used to be stored in the cave. It was brought in from San Francisco – other stories say ammunition was also stored there.
We noticed something going on so stopped to see what it was. In the pavement around this statue are starts with the names of famous Mexican musicians.
Even I recognize this name.
The event was honoring a Mexican composer – Jose Angel Espinoza.
Nice ceremony. Lots of people talking and talking and talking about him and a really good singer I assume singing some of his compositions. 
Never know what you’ll discover driving around here.

Need to get this posted and get ready for today. It will be another warm day – this is the first year where we’ve had over 80 degree weather every single day. And at home they will be having another week of freezing or below weather. Nasty year there. I was dreaming about wearing my wool socks and a sweat shirt - and enjoying it. You can always put more clothes on to get warm but there is only so much you can take off to stay cool. 


  1. Not sure if you are coming to San Blas area or not, but if you do.. Villa Hidalgo, Nayarit road through the center of town is shutdown for construction. You have to travel through town on back streets that are dirt and bumpy cobblestone. Not sure if that is a good ride in a motorhome. It might be better passing up Yago exit and get off at the next exit Hwy 24, I think for San Blas. Of course that is a narrow twisty road.

    I am with you..French Toast for me.

    1. We had heard about that in Hidalgo from one of the RVers here in the park - they were driving a big Rv and towing a car - said it took them hours to get through and was nerve wracking. We are just going to stay in Mazatlan this year - and head home earlier than usua. We have taken this big RV down 24 and Bill said never again!
      Enjoy your time in San Blas - maybe next year for us.

  2. We must be sistas!!! I HATE corn tortillas.