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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Quiet Friday in Mazatlan

Had to look at the computer to figure out what day it was…that’s bad. Because if I’d just used my brain I would have known it was Saturday because KYLE WON the truck race last night – so yesterday was Friday. Yes! He’s now won his first real race of the season – the first truck race of the season at Daytona. He won it in the last 100 feet by .016 of a second. In the truck that he owns. And wouldn’t you know the weather in Daytona this weekend has rain predicted for today and tomorrow. Today is the Nationwide race somewhere around noon if it isn’t rained out. We might go to Christy’s for lunch and watch it.
Our printer ran out of black ink yesterday so had to go buy some. Went to WalMart first but they don’t carry Lexmark down here. Got some paper and groceries and then went to Office Depot to find the ink. They had it, so decided while we were there we’d get a cartridge of color ink too. That was until we saw the price! 1400 Pesos for both – US$111.50 WOW – so only got the black US$46.00. Bill asked the girl if she sold many of them and she said No.
Then back home. Bill is really into working on/writing his book. Spent most of the day typing. Except for when we both took a nap. And I’ve been reading the David Baldacci book King and Maxwell #6 in the series. I like the TV show and the books are pretty close to it. I especially like the guy who plays Sean King on the show. Cute!
Asked Bill if he wanted dinner and he said he wasn’t hungry so I fed myself. About 30 minutes later after smelling our neighbors cooking Bill got hungry. So we ran out to Burger King where he got a Whopper.
Came home and the truck race was finally running after a rain delay. I can’t watch the actual race but I can keep track of what is going on by following the Leaderboard on NASCARdotcom. Sure was surprised when at the last second Kyle’s name jumped from third to first! Yippee. 
I will never cease to be amazed at how nasty people can be when they respond to twitter posts and comment on blogs or articles written about people or things. If you don't like the person or idea don't read it. No one is forcing you to. (Not talking about my blog) 

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