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Friday, February 14, 2014

Eating out a lot.

Another beautiful day in Paradise. Going to be in the low 80s again. Nice breeze this morning.
Continuing to feel better – the cold is almost gone. But I’m still feeling quite anxious from time to time– but I guess that isn’t surprising. It’s crazy now I’m getting anxious about being anxious!!! Did get out and about yesterday even though I took two naps! We had to go to the TelCel service place to buy more Gigs for the Internet. Sure went through them fast this time. In the mall where the TelCel place is we saw this car. It is advertising a system that controls the speed of the car and the volume of the sound system. Sounds like a good deal if you have teenagers.
From there we drove down the Malecon towards the Centro Historico and just as we passed the area where the divers dive - a diver dove!  And I had my camera out and on. This is the first one we’ve seen dive this year.
Then we went to the Plazuela Machado to have some lunch. Had to sit in our padded chairs in Beach Burger! We were wondering what the waiter would do if someone was already sitting in them…but they now have a couple more that were kept inside just waiting for us. We both had Chicken Italian Salads for lunch. Tasted so good. I’m getting my appetite back.
I want to share the pictures of some more of the paper mache statutes for Carnaval. These are smaller than the ones on the Malecón and they are all in the Plazuela Machado.

Then last night we went out for dinner too. I wanted steak and hadn’t got any out of the freezer. Wanted MEAT …. Had a very good rib eye. Tonight I cook – well maybe.

I am still getting tired easily and get shaky so we are taking it easy - In fact it is time for my nap. Just finished eating the nice fruit salad Bill fixed for me for lunch. 

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