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Friday, February 7, 2014

Nice sunset in Mazatlan

Good a good nights sleep last night –think I was asleep before 10 o’clock – very very unusual for me and didn’t wake up until almost 6. And today is going to be a long day – for me anyway as I’ve stayed home while Bill went to an all day EVENT with the Paquis crew. It is here in Mazatlan near her office. Lots of entertainment, food and speeches. I’d like to hear some of the music but not all day.
So I’ve been cleaning and doing things I’ve been putting off. Maybe I’ll even get out some beading for later.
Yesterday we took a quick trip to El Quelite for lunch and to deliver invitations to today’s EVENT to the owners of the two restaurants there. While eating lunch we were sitting next to this tree covered in old hats.
I wonder if these are decorations or dinner?
Came home where I took yet another nap! What is with that?

Only other thing we did yesterday was go over the ocean to watch the sunset. Kind of pretty. 

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