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Friday, May 30, 2014

Plain old Brown County living

Just got home from town and the doctor again. Just a check up for Bill. Doc wanted to check to make sure the infection stayed gone – it has! And the allergies are kind of under control – Zyrtec seems to be helping.  Doctor says by the end of June the spring allergy season should be over – but of course then there are summer allergies…
We went to buy groceries at Wal*Mart while in town. They are installing Self-Service registers. And not opening the 20 items or less registers. The only open (3) lines had lots of people in them so we went to self-service. That old adage that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks goes for us old foggies too. By the time we were through bagging our groceries I was sweating – and there was a girl there to help us! Actually though if we only have a few things and none of them are produce I might try it again.
Now that the Alfa is cleaned I feel lost – not having to run out there to do something. Don’t get me wrong – I have lots to do – like painting – just not doing it. Too hot. And humid.
Lots more flowers blooming around here. More Clematis

And some water iris in the pool
And of course the peonies – sure wish they would last longer.
And a flower from one of the tulip trees. They very seldom fall off in one piece. Forgot how pretty there are.
And we had company this past week. “Oh my gosh – will I make it?”
Yep I did. Yum.

“Quit interrupting us when we’re trying to eat.”
“Don’t touch me. I’m bigger than you.” He almost was – at least the size of my hand -  and I did touch him ‘cause I thought he was dead. He wasn’t. Want to know which one of us moved faster?  I cleared the driveway before he got off the porch.
Makes me remember why we live here. 
Lots of racing on today – #18 laid down the fastest lap in Cup practice. Later is Cup qualifying and a truck race  – so think I’ll go down in the basement where it is cooler and watch TV and knit or maybe bead.

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  1. Love the flowers - looks like you have lots of purple, my favorite. We visited a peony farm in Oregon a couple of times. Such amazing flowers & so many varieties.
    Kathi (arlonboozer.com)