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Sunday, January 11, 2015

An evening in one of the colonias with Paquis

Let’s see what is going on now. Today Sunday was more or less a stay at home day. Except around lunch time. We drove over to the sports bar in the marina – Christy’s. We planned to eat lunch and watch the soccer game between Barcelona and Atletico but I mixed up the time and we only got to see the last five minutes of it. Barca won 3 to 1. Then we watched the first half of the Colts/Broncos game. Came home at half time and watched the end on Mazatlan TV – in Spanish. Not the ending we wanted. And the weather there in Denver – wow - ugly. I read where Manning doesn't do well in weather below 40 degrees - hummmm...
Got a message that we sold one more of our hard back books, our friend staying in the house will mail it out.
Finally think we’ve solved the bird into the window problem. Both the lower half of the window and the rearview mirror are now covered with black trash bags – he doesn’t like that. But this morning one of the big blue birds came up to the window right next to me. Grabbed onto the ledge and pecked at the window. I jumped about a foot. Kind of like looking at something from Jurassic Park.
Yesterday morning we went out to breakfast. Always a nice way to start the day. Some of the activity on the beach in front of the restaurant.

fruit on the man's head and Bill is looking at a rug - beautiful 
Then we headed into Centro Historico to do some errands. Bill had another watch that the battery wore out in, took it to the watch makers. Picked up my second pair of sunglasses. Really like them. And stopped at a printers to see about getting some more of our traveling business cards printed seeings how we don't want to pay the price of printer ink here. 200 cards will be cheaper than one cartridge of ink!
Also went to the central market where I got still another blouse! Some of the pretty hand embroidered dresses for sale.
And how is this for a slab of ribs [beef]. 17 pounds for 280 pesos – less than 20 US dollars. No we didn’t buy any. Just looked.
Late afternoon we got a call from our friend Roberto who is the congresswoman’s right-hand man. He wondered if we wanted to go out to one of the colonias [a section of town] to meet some of Paquis constituents. Of course we went. She was having a meeting in the back yard of a home. This little dog in her dress greeted us.
A lot of the homes have a brass plaque at their front doors – with their family name on it.
Setting up for the meeting – dining room chairs. They were beautiful as was the large matching table inside.
A few of the people there. More women than men. 
In the background are Bill, Roberto in light shirt and Paquis husband in blue shirt.
Talking to the people and listening to them.
The ladies of the home cooked food for everyone. The evening ended with a light meal and beverages.
Interesting evening.

Had to put gas in the Jeep last night it is around US$ 3.55 a gallon depending on the exchange rate. At least it has stopped going up every month. But doubt if it will ever go down. 

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