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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Strange things day in Mazatlan

Hello again – finally back. We’ve been busy and I have just not been in the writing mood – but must have got a good nights sleep last night and so many weird things happened yesterday I want to share. We actually stayed home all day and the weather was cooler than usual and cloudy overcast all day and actually rained a tiny bit late last night.
First thing yesterday morning we had a "want to be" visitor – this guy showed up looking in the windshield. He is a big thing. I forget what they call them here but we can always here them chattering in the morning.
Here is another shot of him to give you some estimate of his size. This is the first time I actually saw one. He is about two feet from head to tail. And much bluer than the picture shows.
Then last evening I heard our neighbor yelling at me to come outside and see the rainbow. It was not raining and had not been raining. So out I went with camera in hand and managed to get a couple of half way decent picture of it. The rainbow was to our east behind the campground. What a surprise – just so much moisture in the air I guess and the low setting sun.

Then I turned around and looked west to be greeted by this magnificent sunset. Spectacular. Guess it contributed to the rainbow.
Bill had come out to see the light show and was wandering around the RV park - he stopped looked at something and called to us – he’d found an iguana. Such excitement.

This morning it is kind of cloudy and very dark over the water - so don't know what kind of day to expect. The wind was blowing quite hard for a while but has stopped now. 
I really have to catch up on my posting. We’ve been to Malpica to the bakery, to Concordia for ice cream cones and to watch the ladies do their laundry. Also out for ribs and to the Plazuela Machado twice for dinner and music. And I still haven’t posted pictures of Cosala. Bill said I’ve been letting my job slip. Guess I have.

So I’m going to post this and start working on the pictures from Cosala – they really need to be shared it is such a beautiful town. 


  1. Sometimes a blog break is nice! Great pics - strange rainbow! Hey - an iguana like ours…. interesting bird.

  2. Welcome back! The bird is called a Magpie Jay and they are something to see and watch - love how they sort of hop sideways. Last year when we stayed at Las Jaibas we fed them every morning using what ever we had. Corn flakes and bought the white Bimbo bread slices, torn into smaller pieces they would stuff there beaks as full as they could and fly to the fence to eat. Bought bird seed but they seemed to like the bread better. They are noisy and would wake us up if I did not have the bread out in a timely manner. Our neighbor, Jim, also fed them. I bought a bowl and filled it with sugar water for the Baltimore Orioles who demanded a refill a couple times a day. enjoyed that very much - feed those Jays and enjoy watching the show they will provide.

  3. Hi Bill & Carol, Alan & I Just got back from Las Vegas....we arrived home around midnight Jan 3rd abd have been sick ever since....hmmmmmmmmm wonder why. LOL We started getting sick in Vegas but got worse when we got home. We have been off work and are going to attempt going back tomorrow. We wanted to wish you a Happy 50th Anniversary and all the best for 2015. I think a lot of us are hoping for a fantastic 2015. Be safe, we miss you. Enjoy the warm weather and send some our way...please. Hugs from Alan & Debbie

  4. Great pics, Carol! Those are creatures I definitely have never seen in the wilds!