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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cosala Pueblo Magico

Way back on December 29th we visited the little town of Cosala. It was designated a Pueblo Mágico in 2005 because of its beauty and history. The town was founded on March 13, 1562!
We went to visit Paquis and her family in their beautiful home there. After visiting for a while her husband, Chiquis, took us on a tour of the town and a nearby silver mine. These are just a fraction of the pictures I took that day - I took 250 pictures! It has taken me this long just to decide which ones to share.
The 206 mile round trip there and back. We went there on the Libre 15 (free road) and came back on the Cuota 15D (toll road)I know I posted this map before - 
The town is one of the prettiest towns we’ve been in. It is like we stepped back into the time of the Spaniards.
Following Chiquis through the town. The colors are amazing.


Aren't the colors amazing? The sidewalks are high to keep water out of the homes during heavy rains and flooding.
One of the narrow streets. Lots of trees and flowers in the town too. 
We stopped at the Hotel Quinta Minera to look around. 
 Avacado trees growing in the courtyard.
Some of the grounds of the hotel - one of two pools. 
Bill and Chiquis leading the way. 
Back out on the street driving around towards the center of town. More high curbs, narrow cobblestone streets and colorful homes. 
 Most of the homes/buildings have a molding of some sort at the top of the walls, under the roof. 
 Lots of arches - typical of that Spanish era. 
 And lots of street that end abruptly - have to turn either right or left - pretty sharp turns that made me glad we were in the Jeep. 
 A small plaza with trees and fountain.
Nearing the main plaza - the church was built in the 1700s. It is white and pink.
Some of the buildings on the main plaza. All the signs above the door ways in town are written in the same type of old fashioned lettering.  
 Another view of the church from the plaza. 
One of the original buildings in the town - the Jesuit House - the crown above the door is their symbol.
 A little walk through only street. 
 More of that street
The blue building is a hardware store - the yellow has a dentist office
 Just a pretty building. I like the light fixtures and balconies. 
 Lots of vendors selling peanuts downtown. 
I have lots more pictures of the town but this gives an idea of how pretty it is. A definite must see. Like stepping back in time.
Will do another post on our visit to the silver mine and our evening with our hosts another time. This is long enough and I have to start on what we did yesterday - another amazing day here in Mazatlan. 


  1. Thanks, it is a pretty town. Reminds me of Alamos

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pics. Love the town

  3. The colours are amazing! What a pretty place! Lucky you guys!