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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Everything will be all right. Don't worry.

Not too much to write about as we spent most of yesterday at home too. But the sunset last night was beautiful – taken from the campground.

And why have we spent so much time at home lately? Well Bill has had a little stomach bug. Just enough to make him feel icky. So yesterday afternoon we went to WalMart to the doctor. Yes, here in WalMart and some of the larger grocery stores they have doctors – real doctors. It costs 57 pesos for the consultation and the prescription. That is about US $3.92. Yes that is right 3.92 – I didn’t leave out any numbers! And today he is already feeling better. Our names were already in the doctor’s computer from when we went there last year for minor ailments. And when we left he got a printed receipt with the doctor’s name and schooling. On it was Bill’s weight and blood pressure reading. Also the name of the medication and directions for taking it – in English. Also on the bottom of the receipt right above the doctor’s signature this was printed “Everything will be all right. Don’t worry.”  I love it! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were treated like that at home. 
Speaking of home – got to love Brown County – another boil water notice. “Customers may experience low water pressure or water outage, discoloration and/or air in their water. Customers should use care when doing laundry if their water is discolored, especially with whites in the next few days.”  Okay – again – you can drink it but don’t do laundry in it!
Going to pay for another month here in Mazatlan at Las Jaibas today – until Feb 22nd.  That’s okay I still have a lot of things on my “to do” list. Checked one more off with our visit to the church the other day. Though I do want to go back and check out the big window again.
Weather will remain wonderful for the next few days. High 70s and low 80s with party cloudy. My kind of weather.

Forgot to mention, our friend Angelica has a friend who has a print shop so we are getting our cards printed. 1000 for 420 pesos – less than $30. The ink for the printer would have cost about US$50!  


  1. Okay stay put I'm on my way . I'll set my reservations and call. R u sure your staying.?

    Angelica has friends everywhere don't you know

  2. This week, Staples has a Dell wireless mono laser printer for $40.00! It looks small

  3. What a nice system they have in Mexico to see the dr. So nice they don't charge a fortune. and are easy to get in for a consult. Glad Bill is feeling better.