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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Golden Anniversary Today - 50 Years

Happy New Year to All

And Happy Golden Anniversary to Us – Yep it’s been 50 years since we said “I do” – and we sure have done a lot since then. Hard to believe it was that long ago!

Bill likes to tell the story that he didn’t understand English enough to know what was happening – he had no clue he was getting married! Guess he figured it out eventually.
And I have to tell this story on him. He was born and raised in Argentina where things are done differently than in the US. One thing in his home was “NEVER touch food with your fingers.” Everything was eaten with a knife and fork. Well the first time I invited him to dinner I served BBQd pork spareribs. We all watched in fascination while he ate them with a knife and fork – never touching them with his fingers!
Well he has changed a little – this was Monday. Those are BBQd ribs in HIS FINGERS!

We stayed home last night and listened to all the parties in the hotels on the beach. So I’ll have to write about our trip Monday to Cosala. Here’s the map of where we went 206 miles round trip. We left at 8:30 am and got home at 8:30 at night.
We took the free road to the Cosala turn off. Once we turned off on to the road to the town the whole feeling of the trip changed. This road is very twisty and turny with several hills and valleys. And cattle every where.
And trucks who want to go faster than the truck in front of them. So much so they are willing to pass on a curve going down hill! He made it.
Just a colorful group of bougainvillea along the way.
Finally we made it to the Pueblo Magico of Cosala. 
I'm still sorting the pictures so will continue about the town later. 


  1. Wishing you a very special 50th today and all the best in this new year!

  2. Happy anniversary to you - celebrate - especially for 50! We will join you in that milestone come August.

  3. Congratulations on 50 years!! We are at 48, so fairly close to you. Wishing you both a Happy New Year.

  4. WOW! Super big congratulations you two!! Medals to both of you!!

  5. Happy Anniversary Bill and Carol !! What a way to celebrate this milestone---in beautiful Mexico !! Here is to many more years of happiness and good health---have a wonderful New Year !!

  6. Thank you everyone for your good wishes

  7. congratulations what a great milestone

  8. I am staying in El Chaco (Aticama, Nayarit) this winter. John Wortendyke gave me your book to read. You two have had some great adventures in your fifty years together, and now that I have your blog I look forward to following them in the coming years.

    Congratulations on sharing a great life together....