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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Food, Flowers and Toads Oh My!

By yesterday Bill was feeling human again. So we decided to go to the Panama Restaurant for breakfast. Could not get a parking place by the one in the Golden Zone so headed to Centro Historico to the one there. The sun was in a better position so took some more pictures of the Carnaval statues. This one is really weird. More like a nightmare than a dream.
He is really neat – colorful and active.
And one I completely missed the other day.
But before parking and eating we had to go check on Ron and Janet's car at the artist’s. It wasn't done yet but a lot more detail had been added. Probably be ready the next day [today.] Okay.
Then to Panama to eat. I like the way they display with real food their specials for the day.
While we were eating Willie was getting washed at the parking lot. After we all piled back in the car Bill took us to see an area that was on my To Do list. The flower market. Oh WOW! Janet and AI were out of the car before the wheels stopped rolling.  (Thank you Contessa for letting me know exactly where it was.) Beautiful bouquet of red roses.
I thought this was interesting the vase and stand are made out of big leaves.
Getting ready for Valentines Day – more use of the big leaves for the shape of the display.
And how about this one.
Now this is cute. Florist explained to us how to tell if the arrangement would last a long time. The mums have to be yellow in the center. If not they will not last long. About 200 pesos for this – less than 14 dollars.
Another doggy display. 
These arrangements were also 200 pesos.
This was a huge arrangement – it was curved and was made for the church to use today to display a statue of the Virgin Mary.
I took zillions more pictures but will spare you. This was outside the building – a neat mural.
Close up of a part of it. Too bad it is not being taken care of. 
The Banda Ancha - Internet stick is sooooo slow today, I could paint these pictures in the time it's taking to upload them!
So home we went for a while. Later Janet came to get us – the painter/artist said their car was ready to be picked up. So off we went back across town - the setting sun along the Malecon.
Coming home with the palm trees lit and the lights on .
And this is how their car looks. I need to explain the whole hood is dark green – the gray parts at the sides is just a trick of sun and shadow. Look at the detail on the frog and lily pad. Even drops of water.
A close up of the fly.
The artist’s facebook page is www.facebook.com/gilberto.a.manjarrez - if you look at it – and it is worth it – you have to scroll down a lot to see some of his bodypainting and other work. 

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  1. I never saw any dog floral displays. Thanks for the photos. Interesting toad on the towed :)