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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Checking things off my list!

Another picture of yesterday morning sunrise.
Today’s wasn’t that nice. We are starting to get serious about leaving Thursday. Lots of little things we need to do before we leave the big city. But we started the day off just sightseeing again. Drove out along the Malecón past the fishermen. Saw everyone in line buying fresh off the boat fish.
So we stopped to watch some of the boats come in.  That is a frigate’s wing.
The boys from the beach taking the wheels out into the water to put under the boat.
Getting them positioned under the boat. Guy in blue pants is standing on one wheel; boy in striped pants is hold other wheel.
Then every pitches in to pull it to shore and keep the wheels under it until it is way up on the sand.
This boat has been in a while and the fish are getting sorted and gutted. See the Pelicans waiting.
All kinds of birds wanting their share. Seagulls, Pelicans and the frigates.
Fresh fish for sale by the pound kilo.
Then back to the Golden Zone for lunch. I got to check one item off my To Do list – eat at Poncho’s. A mural on their outside wall.
All the tables right next to the beach were full – it was 12:00! So we ate inside. Had very good hamburgers – if they had had pickles they would have been perfect! And I had my Kahlua and cream after meal drink!
Just some pictures of the room where we ate. Very colorful. All kinds of tile work.

Had to take a picture of the apron. Notice the line “Neer fresh sea fud.” And the “Could beer and booze” Even Restoran is a misspell. The original owner wrote it out when he opened the restaurant and it has never been changed.
Out side parked on the street this pick up belonging to Lucky B’s – see the horse and rider? Great paint job.
Then on home for a bit. We keep getting more RVs here in the back with us. Glad we’re leaving soon.
Later we went out to check another item off my list. Sunset drinks on the roof of the Hotel Freeman. I made a grand entrance – tripped on the stairs and lost my balance. Didn’t get hurt except for my pride. I  think the waiter was glad when I ordered a coke. The view from our table.
Unfortunately we didn’t pick a nice sunset day. Too many clouds and lots of wind. Looking down at part of the town. Spectacular views all around.
That is about as pretty as it got.

Then we went to the Plazuela Machado for dinner at the Italian Restaurant on the corner –the Canobbio Casa. When we were here a couple of weeks ago we thought the restaurant had changed hands. But last time here we checked out the menu and discovered it was the same as last year. So glad – excellent Italian food. I even had a glass of wine with my dinner. Two drinks in one day - oh my!
After eating we walked around the plaza a little and discovered the man who does the spray can paintings was back. Watched him for a while.

Then strolled over to the gazebo to listen to a young group playing Beetles era music. They were very good.

Then home. Poor Bill he just got up - barely awake took a sip of tea and went back to bed. He says I snored all night keeping him awake. Gee it didn't bother me.  No plans for when we gets up. 


  1. Didnt realize that Mazatlan had so many pretty places

  2. The only place we could find pickles in Mexico was Costco in P. V. It must have been a gallon jar of them, everything in Costco is big.