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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another visit to El Quelite - the making of cheese

All kinds of things to write about this morning. We had another pretty sunrise yesterday. (I was going to add morning – but I guess that is a given seeings how I’m mentioning sunrise)
First we will be leaving here the 22nd – next Thursday. We’ll be going to Aticama. Tentative plans after that are: Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Texas. But until we turn on to the highway anything can change.
Yesterday morning we pulled out of the RV park planning on going across the street to breakfast – instead we ended up in El Quelite for breakfast. The road going into town is almost finished. No detour to take – or miss.
The older man in this house has a business – he cooks pork skin every morning. Last year he only had one big black pot. I see this year he has two. Business must be picking up. And it looks like he has help now – as that sure isn’t him with the one pot.
We stopped to look in one of the shops and found they have really expanded – opening another section in the back patio. Neat upstairs.
How about the post holding up the roof. Why do something plain when you can do it amazing.
A king sized headboard all hand carved. I WANT ONE. If we took a little off the edges it might fit in the Alfa. Bill said NO. I wonder how much it weighs?
A door also hand carved wood – beautiful. Picture doesn’t do it justice. 14,500 pesos or about US$1,000.
Walking towards the restaurant this young man and his young horse went buy us. He had to hold him tight as the horse wanted to GO
The last time a couple of weeks ago when we were in El Quelite I wrote about the restaurant expanding across the wash. That room is almost ready now. Looking at it from the restaurant.
Inside the room. Right now the chickens and ducks are the only live things in it. Well except for me of course. 
The other side of the same room.
Back on the restaurant side a mama hen and her chicks. So cute.
The table where we sat to eat. We met four friends there so ate with them.
As always had a good breakfast – and I ate too much! Walking out of the restaurant we saw my friend the iguana up in the tree. I walked way around the tree.
From the restaurant we walked over to the cheese factory. Going into the factory. On the roof they raise fighting cocks. This is where the cheese they serve in the restaurant is made. 
Bill talking to one of the workers inside.
The plastic milk crates are lined with mesh. The ones on the left – the ones on the right are empty.
The cheese in the cloth – all the liquid is draining out into buckets.
The cheese is put into these mesh lined molds to age before selling.
Just one of the lovely homes in El Quelite – the fern is huge!
Stopped at the panaderia [bakery] this time.
The big butchers block table and in the background biscuit cutters. A mound of dough on the table. He uses a big clay oven to bake but uses propane not wood to heat it.
Some of the goodies.
As always a good time there. It was 86 degrees in El Quelite and when we got to the RV park it was only 77. Then we went into Centro to see about our cards…now they don’t think they can make them. Oh well – TIM – this is Mexico.
Spent the rest of the at home relaxing and trying to figure out the rest of this years trip. We had heard the campground we always stayed at in Guadalajara was closed so Bill called it – it is still open and has space.

No plans for today yet – except maybe going out for dinner tonight. The weather is warming up again and the sky is blue. 
And this mornings sunrise
I still have a lot of "things I want to do in Mazatlan this year" on my list - guess we'll be busy the next few days. 


  1. What a pretty little town. How far is It from Mazatlan? Is this your favorite small town close to Mazatlan?

  2. It is about 25 miles north east of Mazatlan - yes it is one of our favorites. It is off the Libre 15. A beautiful little town.