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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bees, Birds and Deer

The weather is wonderful – for me anyway – I’m in shorts and tee shirt and Bill is in jeans and a sweatshirt! His hands are like ice – I love it when he puts them on the back of my neck. Feels so good. Guess I am one hot cookie – or maybe its just age. Have got little drips and drops of rain off and on for a few days. Not enough for the plants so again they have to be watered daily. Bill says “next year no plants.” I tend to agree.

We’re supposed to have some high temps tomorrow then down into the low 70s during the day and maybe high 40s at night. Can’t get too excited though as there will be more hot weather in the future.
No comments about the two races over the weekend – enough to say they didn’t go the way we (me and driver #18s fans wanted.)
The little deer are growing up. A quick shot of him/her licking some of the salt.
And then they noticed me taking their pictures and hightailed it back into the woods.
Also watching the hummingbirds buzzing around – this is a great big black bee that chases the hummingbirds away –
Checking for the bee
The boot is a bird house - always used in the Spring
It’s not there so a quick sip of nectar.
We have only about five or six that hang around this year. Haven’t seen the raccoon for a couple of weeks. Hope he stays gone.
Watched the end of the Closer last night I will miss the series. Not sure about the new one with most of the same cast.
Finished my balloon sun catcher – so now looking for another little bigger project. Still have to finish my quilt too. Been reading a series by Mariah Stewart – good writer.
Bill just said "lets go to Bloomington." So we're off.....

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  1. Love the animal and bird shots and what a neat boot bird house.