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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear deer

She was out back yesterday and nice enough to stay there till I got my camera.

Later on I saw one turkey hen out back. She heard me and ran. No pics.
The MiFi Internet has been working fine since I talked to Tech Support. Guess (I hope) they got the problem fixed. Even with the glitches it is so much better than HughesNet. So glad we changed.
Some bad storms around us last night straight line winds and gusts to 60mph and big hail – in fact one was in the town where the RVs are stored. But they must be okay haven’t heard they aren’t.
Bill hung a lot of his work yesterday at the Winery. I didn’t go with him so no pictures yet. Yesterday I couldn’t put my shoe on. Today toe feels much better but is a really weird shape. Still going barefoot here in the house.

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  1. Hope your toe heals quickly so you can get out and about. Pretty deer.