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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Deer, Quilt and Glass - trying to keep busy here in the Hills of Brown County

As you can probably guess not much going on around here. Had one day with lots of rain. Now most of the fields and lawns are green again. And I guess from listening to the TV that we will get in on Isaac over the weekend. Sounds like they are expecting a lot of rain. For us it’s okay as we are way up here on the hill. Time will tell.
Of course watched the races last weekend. Not the results we wanted but kind of fun to watch. Especially Tony Stewart – he is from the town where we always go to buy our groceries – Columbus, IN. Still lives around there. Then the soccer games during the week. Barcelona won their game and Madrid lost theirs. Liked that. Still put out that the games for the SuperCup between them is not on television. Grrrrr.
Warming up here again. I was just down in the basement (the coolest part of the house) getting my quilt ready to quilt – Fusing the top, batting and bottom together. Will quilt it during tomorrows racing activity. This is a lot like the other one I finished for our first great granddaughter - this is for the second great granddaughter. Not really girlish but I like the colors.
Also fixing a little hand towel I made. Didn’t get the towel up into the topping so had to rip it out and will resew it tomorrow too. I made a bunch of new ones. The old ones were beyond usable. They come in handy and are easy enough to make. Just cut a dishtowel in half and sew on a top and ties.

Also hung my balloon sun catcher. Looks really pretty with the sun coming through it.
The deer and hummingbirds are about eating us out of house and home. Going to have to get a cardboard sign and stand on the corner begging for corn and sugar. The fawns are starting to lose their spots already. Saw a buck eating the other day but didn’t get to the camera in time to get a picture of him.

Bill is starting to get a real close relationship with the FedEx and UPS guys – they are here once or twice a day it seems. Don’t know what all will be on that truck when it is done but it should be pretty nice.
Still talking about this winter. Should we go south? Should we stay home? Should we take the Alfa or Jennie? I'm kind of leaning towards Yes and Jennie. Especially if we want to go to Guadalajara and Guanajuato and El Fuerte. Hate taking the big one there.
If we are just going to stay at a couple of places like Mazatlan and Aticama - then the big one of course........

Bill's work is now on another web page - the Art Alliance of Brown County.  It's at here
and here
Did I mention that he sold quite a few items at the Hoosier Gallery - but we've taken his stuff out of there as neither of us want to work there a couple of times a month and they don't like the fact that we will be gone during the winter so can't work then. Oh well. Good while it lasted.

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