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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Good food and Bad Drinks

This morning it is beautiful out. We have all the doors open for now. Supposed to go over 90 by afternoon. But a cold front is coming through tomorrow or the next days and then our temps will be in the low 90s for a while. That will be so nice. And we might get more rain.

A big storm rolled through here early Sunday morning. We just got lots of rain (the plants look so much happier!) But up north of Indy they got lots of wind and damage. Thousands of people without power caused by the drought stressed trees toppling.
Where to begin – I want to share with you a lovely dinner Bill fixed for us the other night. Breaded cooked chicken fillets covered with hard cooked egg and red and yellow peppers - the little ones from Pero- and onions and a nice salad. So so good.
Watched all the races over the weekend. Glad to see Jeff Gordon finally get a win but not happy that my favorite driver #18 had his brakes blow up and finish 33rd. Right now he is not eligible for the Chase. Guess that Black Cloud still hangs over him. He’s got five more races to get a win and get back in contention for the Chase. Go Kyle……
There is one deer that has come here for a few years actually since she was little. She has one blind eye so is easy to recognize. This year she had triplets. They are so cute following her around. Wondered about multiple births with deer so looked it up. 79% of whitetail deer have twins or triplets. Only 21% have single births. No wonder the deer population grows. The third little one was hanging back so didn’t get him.
Today they are mad at us as we ran out of corn yesterday, will get some this afternoon. A couple of them have come by and stood out back looking up at the house as if to say, “So where is it?” Then they stomp their feet and leave.
Got a notice that I had to go to the bank as they were going to change my checking account and I had to pick out a new one. LEAVE THINGS ALONE PEOPLE! Turned out to be less of a hassle then I was imagining. Everything on the old account just automatically goes to the new one. They’re just looking for ways to charge new fees. Luckily got set up with one that has no fees – yet.
After going to the bank we drove up to the storage lot where Alfie and Jennie are. We need to replace the faucet in the bathroom on the Alfa so Bill wanted to check it to make sure we got the right kind. While he was checking that I was checking other things. Opened the cupboards and was pleased I didn’t find any of our flying bugs. Whoopie. Opened the refrigerator – which was supposed to be open when parked. Guess when they moved it it closed. Looked fine in there – clean and nice. Wait a minute what is that black down on the bottom in the vegetable drawer. Lean over for closer look. OMG ICK UGH it was black moldy gunky liquid. What the heck? Pulled the drawer out – about two inches of the swamp slime in it. Where did it come from? Soon found out. Right above that drawer was a couple of baskets that held cans of beer and ginger ale. DO NOT leave full cans of liquid in place during a very hot summer. Most of the cans were empty. Slime and mold gluing them together. ICK ICK ICK…….Sure glad we found it and got it cleaned up before we moved it. Thank goodness they were in the refrigerator and not the cupboards.
Still debating about going to Mexico this winter. Will we or won’t we that is the question. And IF we do go should we take the big one or the smaller one? So much to decide. Wonder what the weather is going to be like here this winter?
Need to get downstairs and repair one of my stained glass bird suncatchers. His hook gave way and he hit the floor. His tail and leg broke off so just needs to be resoldered.
And that's about it for today.

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  1. glad I didn't have to clean up that mess. lol