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Friday, August 24, 2012

Lazy Life in the Country

Weather is heating up again, just turned on the ceiling fans and AC for first time in about 10 days. Getting hotter for a few days, then down to 70s with rain Monday and then back up to the 90s.

Bill is like a kid at Christmas. Every day he gets more stuff delivered for his truck. But can’t do anything with them ‘cause the truck is at the mechanics getting brakes. (We knew that when we bought it.) Don’t know what all he bought – I’d rather be surprised when it all done.
Took some pics of the deer but forgot to bring the camera upstairs to off load them. – tomorrow – They wait in the morning for one of us to throw out the corn for them. Then they stamp their feet until we go in so they can eat in piece. Worse than kids.
Lots of NASCAR on the tube today. Practice and qualifying for both the Nationwide series and the Cup cars. Then the Nationwide race tonight.
Watched the final show of this seasons Burn Notice last night. Darn that Who Shot JR syndrome! Leaves everything hanging until it starts up again. And by the time it starts in November we’ll probably be in Mexico and I won’t be able to watch it.
On Direct TV the soccer channels have changed with a new one starting called beIN Sports TV – and Goal TV moving to a different channel. Which would be fine but now different companies have bought the rights to different leagues. So yesterday one of the bestest games between Barcelona and Real Madrid wasn’t shown on ANY channel!! Only shown on ESPN3 which is an Internet channel that we can’t get using Verizon…….Kind of annoying when things that are working great are changed.
Well off to watch practice.
Kobe Bryant is too old to win another title???? When did that happen???
And people ask "aren't we afraid to go to Mexico because of the violence"  No I'm afraid to go to Chicago, to the movies, to church etc. here in the US  Quote from  NBC  "Nineteen people were wounded in at least seven shootings within eight hours overnight Thursday in Chicago, police said."  TV news last nite - two shootings in Indianapolis. Other news today  nine shot in NYC.

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